Telling Perfect Product Stories with PIM

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Everyone loves a great story. Our oldest friends, sitcoms, movies, books, sports, and music all tell the types of stories that move us. They move us to action or leave us wanting more.

When it comes to your website and your products, how can you tell the same type of compelling story? One that moves your audience and inspires action? You can do it with content in context.

PIM: The Way to Content in Context

Everyone living or working in the digital world hears about content, content, and content.

If “content is king” and “content in context” is better, then owning and effectively implementing a product information management (PIM) platform can provide a product-centric company the keys to the kingdom. That kingdom is funded by customers who desire enriched, precise, and compelling product data.

Customers and prospects tell us that product information is important, and the data and experts agree:

  • According to inRiver, “Consumers’ heads are easily turned if the desired information is not found quickly. Although 41% of online shoppers won’t even consult another online store to purchase if all the information they need is provided in the first shop they visit, one third (31%) will move to another website within 10 seconds if general product information is lacking.”
  • Gartner now has the term Context-Enriched Content listed in its IT Glossary.
  • Bruce Eppinger, a senior analyst at Forrester, shared slides like this at the recent inRiver PIMpoint Summit:
    • Content for Every User and Every Occasion = Completeness, Quality, Targeting, Distribution, Governance
    • Content Excellence = Content Completeness & Content Quality & Content Targeting

Great Content in Context Creates Buyers

Like many of the best things in life, when it’s great, you just know it. Great product information that delivers the benefit statement, specifications, or the “why should I care” data at the right time in the right context creates buyers. Great companies and great salespeople rarely ask you to buy or ask you for the order. Instead, they give you all of the rich, pertinent data at the correct time and gravity takes over.

To learn more about how PIM can help you tell perfect product stories, download our guide: Understanding the Value of PIM & Commerce.

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