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inRiver’s AI Improves Product Content Performance, Supports Digital Shelf, and Drives Sales

Once again inRiver is changing the product information management (PIM) platform landscape!

Known for having one of the best user interfaces (UI), inRiver PIM helps product managers and merchandisers to enrich product data so that they can sell more products effectively via multiple channels.

What’s New with inRiver?

The short answer to this is “a lot,” such as:

Quick and Automated Updates

inRiver has recently updated their UI, and their now role-based “workspace/cock-pit.” Product owners can automate, assign work, and collaborate much faster and more efficiently to further enrich and enhance their assortment of products and brands.

Publishing and syndication to multiple selling channels is now much easier and automated via inRiver Syndication’s pre-built syndications as opposed to creating customer outbound connectors manually. The platform is the only true cloud and microservices-based PIM. Customers have the power of an “elastic data model” that maximizes the up-sell and cross-sell opportunities with an adaptable product hierarchy and relationship model.

Smart Search Technology and Digital Shelf Analytics

inRiver has also set the trend to hyper-focus on helping customers to build and deliver the best product content through digital shelf analytics. This means that users can now leverage data-driven insights for product content performance across all engagement points. inRiver Evaluate, the Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered smart search technology, utilizes customized bots to:

  • Keep an eye on how your products are displayed across numerous websites (ex: automatically access your product (SKU) performance across 900 websites within 75 countries).
  • Provide actionable data to help you ensure that you’re inspiring your customers to buy your products
  • Access your engagement intelligence dashboard directly from inRiver, meaning you no longer need to switch between systems. The dashboard gives you graphic visibility and lets you drill down for comprehensive insights. The actionable guidance makes it easy for you to act, ensuring your changes or enhancements hit the mark.

inRiver Evaluate also reveals if your products are:

  • Visible in relation to expected listings
  • Appear under your prioritized keywords
  • Are placed under the correct category and sub-categories
  • Have the desired share-of-shelf and ranking

Companies and brands want to provide enriched product data to the right target customer and to ensure that it’s viewable at the right time, at any given time, and in the right place.

Why Invest in PIM at All?

The #1 reason to do any PIM work is to inspire customers to buy and convert a sale. inRiver Evaluate provides the actionable guidance to drive conversions and revenue, helping brands and sellers to ensure that product data is accurate and complete.

inRiver Hits the Mark

As I’ve said before, the trendsetters at inRiver have done it again and will continue to do so. They’re true to delivering on their promise to help their customers maximize buyer engagement and win on the digital shelf. To learn more, check out this video for an overview of inRiver digital shelf analytics. For more information on our PIM practice, contact our experts today.

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