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Apeksha Singh

Apeksha has 4+ years of experience in the Business Intelligence & Analytics domain. She is working with Perficient as Senior Tableau Developer. Apeksha is enthusiastic & eager to deep dive into Data Science.

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Search Engines – for Academics!

GOOGLE! Yes, sure you heard about it! But do you know the other search engines that can help us academically. There are a large number of excellent search engines in the world that specialize in science, books & other useful- smart information. List you might be hearing for the first time: Refseek: It’s an Academic search […]

SQL Magic Series – Minus Sign in ORDER BY

We are beginning a new series on SQL – A Magic Series. We will see few of many, yet effective tricks & solutions to make SQL easy in daily use. Let’s begin!! So, the Question we are dealing here is: What does the SQL minus sign (-) mean in ORDER BY -emp_no DESC; ? Before answering that, let’s see, how ORDER […]

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JIRA – Views, Dashboards, JIRA Connect

This blog, last, in our series on Atlassian Optimizing JIRA will cover creating Views & Dashboards and Connecting JIRA with other applications to make it best for you. (Read previous post here on Optimizing JIRA by Adjusting Personal Settings). Jira gives you many ways to see your work : boards, backlogs, roadmaps, etc. In this blog, […]

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Dashboards in JIRA

Dashboard is a customized screen to give you a high-level snapshot of everything happening in Jira. Dashboards in Jira are made up of small configurable blocks called gadgets (Introduction, Projects, Assigned to Me, and Activity Stream). We can create multiple dashboards for different projects OR one single dashboard that spans all the work we’re involved with. How […]

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Optimizing JIRA – Adjust Personal Settings

This blog in our series on Atlassian Optimizing JIRA will cover personalizing JIRA settings to make JIRA best for you. (Read the previous post here on JIRA Best Practices). Moving on, we will consider optimizing JIRA also by personalizing JIRA settings. While your JIRA admin or team leader sets up many customizations, there are few […]

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Optimizing JIRA – 5 Best Practices to Follow

Optimizing JIRA for yourself is, customizing JIRA and making it like your own application. This blog in our series on Jira will cover JIRA best practices. (Read the first post here.) Starting on optimizing JIRA with some best practices on JIRA Issues. Optimizing JIRA – Issues Best Practice Straightaway, we start in JIRA by creating […]


JIRA – Novice to Pro

You must have heard “Practice makes a Man Perfect” quite a lot and it can be summed up to this one word, i.e., “CONSISTENT”. Make JIRA part of your daily routine spicing it with JIRA Best Practices. Be a JIRA – Novice to Pro User! Yes, this blog is that easy!! Why make JIRA a […]

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Tableau – Table Pagination

Pagination is a great way to improve the user experience and minimize the footprints that tables occupy within Tableau dashboards. In cases, where we need to show multiple records or our tables are too long to display it in single view, pagination comes to rescue. By implementing this technique, users will be able to “turn […]