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Dashboards in JIRA

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Dashboard is a customized screen to give you a high-level snapshot of everything happening in Jira. Dashboards in Jira are made up of small configurable blocks called gadgets (Introduction, Projects, Assigned to Me, and Activity Stream).

We can create multiple dashboards for different projects OR one single dashboard that spans all the work we’re involved with.

How to Create JIRA dashboards :

  1. On the main navigation bar, select Dashboards > Create dashboard
  2. Give your dashboard a name and description and select Save
  3. At the top right of the window, select Add gadget
  4. Scroll through the available gadgets and select Add gadget
  5. Organize the gadgets and test your dashboard! That’s easy!!

What are the most popular gadgets for users? Depending on how JIRA is used, if you’re not sure where to start, here are the 4 recommended gadgets:

  • Issues in progress: Shows all your issues currently in progress.

  • Assigned to Me: Shows all unresolved issues assigned to you.

  • Activity Stream: Shows recent activity across your entire project.

  • Created vs. Resolved Chart: Shows a charted comparison of created issues and resolved issues to give you a sense of your workload.

Any gadget can be edited or deleted. The overall dashboard layout is entirely customizable!!

That’s it! You have your Jira dashboard ready!

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