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Digital Intelligence and the Role of Data in Personalization

Advantages of Datorama

Welcome to 2019 where things take an interesting turn, or, materialize as predicated for so long. In a data-driven environment, it is no surprise that this year Information Executives (CIO, CDO, CTO, CAO) focus on the following topics according to IDG, Gartner, CIO, and Forrester:

  • Trying to figure out ways to increase IT Budget to spend on innovative products and design
  • Artificial Intelligence particularly Machine Learning, Natural Language Interactions, Chatbots, and in some cases Robots
  • Data Infrastructure
  • Cloud Strategy (if not on it, trying to transition ASAP)
  • Customer Experience (Business Process workflow, Journey Maps, Create and Retain Customers)
  • Investment in new tech companies with niche offering as a part of their solution suite (Increase Productivity, Efficiency, Reduce Cost of Custom Build)
  • Next Gen Infrastructure (Wearables, Wifi, IoT, Robots, Security)

The Importance of Data and Personalization

Industry disruptions are constantly happening – no one is denying this fact or even disputing it. We see CXOs – from retail and financial backgrounds – get hired on in healthcare spaces and tasked with digital disruption in Healthcare organizations, and beyond. As a result, Digital Transformation and Data are the two Yin-Yang factors that have been on top of executives’ minds going into 2019, understandably so with data poised to become the new currency. For more on data insights and applications, please visit our Data & Analytics blog page.

Data Intelligence - The Future of Big Data
The Future of Big Data

With some guidance, you can craft a data platform that is right for your organization’s needs and gets the most return from your data capital.

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“Data is the 1 st key INGREDIENT to reach personalization.”

Guruji Gaur Gopal Das mentions the importance of Customization by stating that “we customize our phone, our house, our clothes, and in fact our pizza, yet we live our lives in “default mode.” Let us customize our Customer’s life by making “INFORMED” choices so that we can transform their experience. Remember, data is the 1st key INGREDIENT to reach personalization.

What kind of skill sets do Organizations need to excel in the Digital Intelligence Age?


  • Long time ago, we figured out where we are in the universe
  • Then we figured out where we are in the evolutionary chain
  • After that, we figured out where we are in biology and technology
  • Now we are figuring out where we are in intelligence

Organizational Hiring: 4 Things needed for Smarter Organizations to meet and beat their goals

  • Smarter Individuals (Social Intelligence, Social perceptiveness)
  • Collective and Connected intelligence — Individuals need to work well together (Interpersonal skills, Participate in group setting)
  • Utopia or Dystopia – Neither. Agile, incremental, small/quick wins
  • Learn and understand the education system to hire the right skill set


  • Enterprise Data Competency
  • Data Platform capabilities
  • Center for Enablement (with Center of Excellence touches)
  • AI enabled Solutions and Products

All things considered, the future of Data Intelligence and Personalization begs numerous questions around humanitarian architecture and development. As we all know, the art of making technology and data more human plays a huge part in our personal and professional lives, from experiencing the Amazon Echo to conversing with Call Center Chatbots. For more on humanitarian architecture basics, please check out the following video.

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Arvind Murali, Chief Data Strategist

Arvind Murali is the Chief Data Strategist for Data Governance with Perficient. His role includes defining data strategy and governance to deliver transformative data platforms. Arvind has served as an executive advisor for data strategy and governance to organizations across several industries. Arvind’s dedication to solving challenges and identifying new opportunities has provided valuable business-focused results for clients, such as providing self-service access to data for global sales teams; helping physicians create informed wellness plans; and delivering insights about current supply chain inventories. He is a passionate Vlogger on YouTube and discusses real-world insights, data platform trends, and the importance of governance as big data continues its exponential growth.

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