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Mule 4 and Studio 7 Beta Release: What’s New?

MuleSoft just announced the beta release of Mule 4 and Studio 7. If you have worked with any Mule products for the past few years, you will come to appreciate many of the new features in this beta release. To communicate all of the new features, MuleSoft is sharing a series of webinars on the […]

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Mature Your Microservices Program

Microservices are gaining popularity for their potential to deliver scalability, resilience, and agility that wasn’t possible with service-oriented architecture. Over 70% of organizations are investigating microservices adoption, but many are encountering challenges to success in achieving these goals with the additional strain on IT to be more agile, adopt new technology, and embrace DevOps. Microservices […]

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Free Download: 5 Steps to Mastering DevOps

We’re now well into the second half of 2017, with summer in full swing. As fast as the year has progressed, there’s still time to complete your innovation goals if you haven’t already. One goal of interest for many organizations is DevOps, an agile strategy focused on transforming organizational collaboration, communication, and go-to-market strategies. With […]

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3 Reasons to Use Amazon DynamoDB for Data Management

Data management is at the heart of every enterprise, especially with online operations. Though many have used MySQL relational databases to manage their data, the rise of NoSQL (Not Only SQL) and its faster data operations has come into use with the amount of data being created. One of the leading NoSQL platforms on the […]

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Evaluating Low Code Platforms for Accelerated Innovation

Modern organizations face a litany of innovation challenges, starting with the development staff. Experienced mobile developers are hard to find, design agencies’ talent is expensive, and offshore sourcing makes delivering quality at high speed difficult. According to Jeffrey Hammond at Forrester, one way to solve the challenge is through mobile low-code development platforms, which occurs […]

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API Gateway in Microservices Application

Instead of building a single indivisible application, split the large application into loosely coupled service modules in which each follows different business logic and exposes various APIs. Each of these independent service modules is a Microservice. Why Microservices Let’s use the example that we have an android application and see how it works in monolithic […]

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A Practical Three-Phase Approach to API Implementation

Perficient was a sponsor of today’s Virtual Summit with CA Technologies: Modernizing Application Architectures with Microservices and APIs. With a lot of great sessions dealing with the importance of APIs and microservices and the trends that brought them to popularity, the focus was on tangible ways to get started or accelerate existing programs. Mike Amundsen, […]

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Overcoming the Top 5 DevOps Myths

As DevOps grows in popularity, there are going to misconceptions for the innovation philosophy. From understanding the benefits to how organizational culture is changed, many will expect DevOps to create results out of thin air when that will be hardly the case. Our consultants speak with organizations daily who are making the transition. We hear […]

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Join Us Tomorrow for a Virtual Summit on Microservices and APIs

APIs and microservices are two key pieces to succeeding in the digital economy. Their ability to fuel innovation, scalability, and agility in the face of changing customer expectations make both popular approaches to integration to fuel digital transformation initiatives. However, both are fraught with challenges in implementation and execution. While APIs and microservices hold huge […]

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How to Choose an IaaS Provider

Infrastructure is a key part of every IT department before cloud or DevOps is even considered. Serving as the backbone of IT, it’s these components that keep every system running. In recent years, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) has become a competitive and popular space, led by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and their affordable and reliable offerings. Nonethelss, […]

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