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Perspectives on Integration Solutions

iPaas- MuleSoft for ESB and API integration

  Organizations today have their structures in place: customer data, historical records in data warehouses and well-built OLAP solutions. Either they have all of the implementations to expose that data as useful information or are working to set up an infrastructure to do so. However, they still find the process of integrating their information into one […]

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Kubernetes, Blockchain, & DevOps at InterConnect 2017

Vegas is bustling this week as IBM InterConnect 2017 officially kicked off Monday. Per the norm, IBM is making several announcements this week to showcase new innovation, strategic partnerships, and commercial offerings. For me, the most exciting announcement thus far is the beta release of Kubernetes on IBM Containers. Kubernetes is rapidly gaining ground as […]

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What Happens Post DevOps Deployment?

The stardom and emphasis of DevOps results in industry experts focusing on continuous innovation, which includes automation, deployment, integration, and planning. After all, these key pieces help the business grow and scale in crowded and competitive markets. Nevertheless, with that said, what happens post-deployment? DevOps and Facilitating Connected Experiences The most important part of the […]

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Using Poll and Water-Marking in MuleSoft

In this portion of blog on MuleSoft we will try to demonstrate how we can use the concept of water-marking in polling at regular intervals to check whether any new information was added, available etc. for comparison and processing purposes. Assumption: The developer has fundamental knowledge of how to write code in MuleSoft Developer is […]

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Using MuleSoft for File Transfer from Message Queue to Target Directories on Local/Remote Machines

This is a high-level technical walk-through on how we can leverage the out-of-box connectors to write a logic for file transfer using Java messaging Service. Assumption: -Developer knows basic coding techniques in MuleSoft workspace – Developer knows about JMS and the queues/ topics messaging model 1. Pre-Config Requirements: a. Make sure to have java version […]

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Elasticity and Disaster Recovery Using Cloud Computing

  For any organization to run and grow either organically or even seamlessly merge/ acquire with another entity and continue promoting growth, digital transformation plays a vital role. Regardless of the industry, to reach your customer base with maximum potential, you need to have the digital means that can be personalized based on individual customers, geographical […]

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Looking to Implement Software Solutions? Look at Cloud Computing..

  With the rising trend to move the infrastructure into the cloud, more enterprises are looking forward to building or migrating their IT hub into the cloud space. There are several obvious advantages of cloud computing that explain its wide-spread popularity: 1. Cost of infrastructure– Having to build an entire network for data storage, processing units, clustered-network […]

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OAuth Dance with Mule External Provider

OAuth Dance sounds like such a romantic term in the otherwise boring IT landscape. The term also helps dazzle many beginners who are trying to grasp the essence of this seemingly magical new security mechanism. Although plenty has been said about OAuth2, I still find it is valuable to walk through all four OAuth grant […]

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4 Technology Trends Transforming Video Gaming

The first quarter of the year is usually a great time for the video gaming industry as studios begin to promote upcoming releases at events like the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco or E3. As the years have gone by, the video games that have gone to market have become richer in content, […]

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Healthcare Provider Masters Analytics with AWS

In today’s world, data is the name of the game, especially in healthcare. As healthcare organizations look to interpret their customer information to make better business decisions, many are discovering that legacy systems and tools are not enough to get the job done. This was the challenge of one of our clients, a leading nationwide […]

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