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Perspectives on Integration Solutions

4 More DevOps Considerations for 2017

Software development and DevOps trends are front and center for 2017 enterprises ready to put their customer engagement into overdrive. As we have seen over the past month, more and more trends are pointing towards an increased interest. One of the major surveys to hit the market in the recent week is RightScale’s State of […]

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Health Solutions Organization Transforms with AWS

Healthcare organizations face a mountain of challenges with the management of their data. As put forth in the Health Insurance and Patient Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 and subsequent rulings on personal health information (PHI), health maintenance organizations must take specific precautions and care for patient data or face financial consequences. Additionally, healthcare organizations are […]

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7 Things To Love About DevOps

Valentine’s Day, despite its retail foundations, is a great day to reflect on what we are grateful for and the things we love. Even though not all of us will be giving or receiving chocolates and roses, there are still many other things to embrace, including emerging technology philosophies like DevOps. With our swooning at […]

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A User’s Guide to Implementing Service Virtualization

Service virtualization is the process of creating imitation of real components with help of some service contract, which can, within the realms of real service contract, enable efficient performance advantages to complete service development itself. Different Ways to Create Virtual Services What is service virtualization: in any software delivery life-cycle, no two layers of services are […]

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Introducing AWS DevOps-In-A-Box

The speed at which technology moves these days is overwhelming for any technology leader faced with the challenge of making technology adoption solutions and migrating workloads. The sheer amount of solutions on the market can lead to long evaluation periods, resulting in delayed projects, lost go-to-market opportunities, and frustrated customers. It’s understandable, with the DevOps […]

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Real Estate Leader Experiences Cloud ROI with AWS

There are very few industries remaining that haven’t been transformed by technology, including real estate, which is largely driven by face-to-face relationships. As consumers embrace technology for the home and rental needs however, real estate firms must change as well. Such was the story of one leading real estate firm specializing in the building of […]

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Mule Variable Scopes and Passing Global Values with Mule Registry

Mule variables and their scope is a widely-discussed subject. The official document is here: Even with the official document and plenty of online discussions, I still find there are subtleties left to be discovered. Sometimes it takes experimenting to find out the precise behavior. This is how I sum up the general rules concerning variables […]

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Should Your Organization Hire a Chief Integration Officer?

Cloud is now ubiquitous in many organizations and is leveraged in many ways. With integration of on-premises legacy systems and public cloud solutions becoming the norm, many leaders are now asking whether a Chief Integration Officer is necessary to manage all of the solutions and technologies at hand. The answer to this question may lie […]

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API Gateway Pattern

Effectively exposing fine-grained APIs and  Microservices . Context To support omnichannel applications with a different set of data requirements, backend applications are broken into fine-grained APIs or microservices.  Each front-end application has logic to call multiple APIs in order aggregate its data. In the case  of mobile and 3rd party apps, this client logic causes poor […]

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Technically, What Makes a Mule Application an API?

** If you want to follow the steps in this post to create the API and need a sample RAML, please see the end of the post for the hello-world RAML file ** With the Mule 3.8.x release, the Mule API gateway and ESB has merged into one. Now it is simply called Mule Runtime […]

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