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Market Driven Patient Portal: Gamification and Serious Games

More than half way through our “What the market says you need in your patient portal” series I bring to you one of my favorite topics: healthcare gamification and serious games.   Games are great at explaining complex systems.  There are fewer places one can find complex systems than in the micro and macro worlds of […]

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Connected Health Trend Countdown: #4 Reaching the Mobile 91%

Quick, grab your mobile phone. It’s pretty close at hand, I’m guessing. Hence, our next trend in the 2014 Connected Health Trend Countdown: Trend #4: Gamification, Quantified Self, and the Internet of Things You are undoubtedly part of the 90% of the world’s population that is covered by a commercial wireless signal.  According to Pew research, […]

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Swallowing Sensors Gives New Meaning to the Quanitifed Self

You’ve heard of wearables in healthcare technology, but have you considered swallowables? Swallowing a piece of electronics is something that people are actually willing to try. Just this morning, Intel released results from a very compelling study on a range of consumer interest in electronic “wearables” and monitors. They asked people how willing they are to try: […]

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Healthcare Games Aren’t for Everyone

This morning, I read an article called “Stop playing games with healthcare” about gamification being “a buzzy word, not a real fix” for healthcare. The author, Ryan Bradley, sat in on a case competition earlier this year where teams pitched ideas that would leverage IT to transform and improve healthcare. Immediately, a theme emerged, and […]

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Gaming and Gamification for Healthcare with the Xbox One

Earlier this week two of my colleagues, Michael Porter and Ryan Duclos, each wrote blogs about the potential uses beyond gaming for the upcoming Xbox One. Micheal explored some of the possible uses in healthcare specifically, from gamification to surgical tool: Better Healthcare because of Kinect The HIT Consultant has a blog post on how XBox […]

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Are you sensing my stress?

Stress is a killer and each of us struggles with controlling stress in our own way.  Often stress relief comes in the form of equally destructive behaviors including over-eating, smoking, watching too much television, etc.  As a result, stress is a serious contributing factor to higher healthcare costs in the form of heart attacks, cancer […]

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Gamification: Playing a Game to learn how to create one?

At Perficient, we have been focusing on using gamification in healthcare applications to improve the patient engagement experience and help consumers of healthcare enjoy the experience more.  One of the challenges of gamification of a mobile healthcare application or creating a social media community experience is designing the game and the interaction process with the […]

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Business Gamification in Healthcare: What are 3 practical uses?

In the months after Perficient published a whitepaper on Gamification, the interest from our readers has been gratifying and it seems to be time for a follow-up to that interest.  Business gamification is the use of game mechanics and user interfaces in business software.  What are the practical uses of gamification in a healthcare workplace?  […]

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Encouraging Accountability and Good Behavior

Patients are demanding affordable healthcare, providers are asking for fair reimbursements and payors are suggesting that rendered care should be medically necessary and of high quality to be reimbursed.  It is a rather convoluted situation where accountability lives with each player – but is legally placed on the provider (for the most part).  After all, […]

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What “Angry Birds” teaches us about Mobile Apps

Once upon a time, when you took a stroll down the aisle of an airplane in mid-flight, you would see lots of people playing solitaire on their Windows laptops.  Today, you see many, many more people engaged in intense concentration on game of “Angry Birds.”  Angry Birds is an addictive, fun, easy to play game […]

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Is Tonic Health gamification the cure for what ails me?

Back in August I wrote a piece entitled, “What is the Greatest Mobile Health Challenge?”  In this post I asked what the greatest challenge that gamification could solve.  My answer: Providing interoperable records that take the burden of collecting and distributing health data away from the patient. Those managing chronic disease are often meeting with various clinicians […]

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