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Digital Transformation is Relevant to Pharmaceuticals Too

Eugene Sefanov has a post out on our Life Sciences blog.  He includes a video from a TV commercial but I want to focus on the web site for the drug JUBLIA.

Just as their TV commercial was spot on, their product website was just as superb. It ties into the video very well by using the image of, no other than, big toe boxer. There’s a “watch our TV spot” button strategically placed on the homepage. The site contains real “before and after” photos of patients that used JUBLIA, clinical trial results (that are actually easy to digest), and simple instructions on how to use the topical solution. The one recommendation I’d have for Valeant, if they’re listening, is to develop a free mobile game that revolves around the same boxing theme. Gamification can be a fun, simple, and relatively inexpensive way to strengthen the JUBLIA brand in the marketplace for years to come.

It’s another example that everyone is getting in on the “game” where a tv spot is important but the web site has high production value and it’s assumed that it must be a key part of the marketing strategy.

Head to Eugene’s post for the video.

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