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Gamified InfoSec Awareness Program @ Perficient India – It’s Different!

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How did it start?

Let me set the stage first. Arun and I (Gayathri) are part of the global compliance partners team that supports InfoSec (information security) initiatives at Perficient India.

One fine morning in early-July:

Gayathri: So, Arun, we have completed providing our data evidences for the global ISO 27001 audit, what next?

Arun: Gayathri, now that we have a little breather, we can do our annual InfoSec – Know Your Company refresher. I was wondering if we can do something different and fun this time instead of the usual Q&A sort.

Gayathri: I too feel we must do something more interesting…mind you we need to ensure maximum participation from this hybrid lot. Let’s brainstorm!

Our brainchild(ren)

The next day:

Arun: I have an idea!

Gayathri: Me too!

Arun: I am planning to have creative virtual game-like contests based on InfoSec policy topics. People are so familiar with reels now; they can develop videos and posters based on policies. Just now a thought popped, why not some cool tee-shirt designs based on policies!

Gayathri: Wow! The ideas are too good! We can have all the three contests: video reels, posters and tee-shirt designs. This is my idea: I want colleagues to know what an incident is and how they should be proactive in reporting them to the authorized persons. So, I conceived this idea where a volunteer would enact some incidents and those must be identified by the other colleagues. We can name this as “Be PRFT’s Whistleblower.”

Arun: That is a nice one Gayathri. You got a name also for the activity. Any more ideas?

Gayathri: I thought of one more lottery activity. There will be multiple paper chits in a bowl, many will have policy information, some of it will be questions that need to be answered. If you are lucky, you get the question chit and if you answer correctly, you can win a prize.

Arun: This also seems very feasible. If we can get some instant prizes for these ground activities, it will receive more participation.

Gayathri: Let’s discuss the ideas and the prizes with the leadership then.

The Results

Gayathri and Arun put forth their ideas to India TDC (Training and Development) director and India AVP.

Guess what…they got a “yes” from both and a special “yes” for the instant prizes for the ground activities.



The contests and activities of the Gamified ISMS Awareness Program were conducted in the last week of August with over-whelming responses from colleagues of all locations across India.

So, what makes this program different?

Gamifying InfoSec awareness program was a new and different idea.

Putting forth such a new thought to the leadership directly showcases the transparent work culture of Perficient. The willingness of the leadership to encourage new and different idea, sets Perficient a cut above the rest and makes this program and Perficient different.

This is Gayathri and Arun, signing off for now, after a different, fun-filled, full-blast InfoSec Awareness Program. See you soon with newer and more different ideas!

Thoughts on “Gamified InfoSec Awareness Program @ Perficient India – It’s Different!”

  1. DhivyaBharathi PS

    Infosec Awareness Through Floor games was a great thought Gayathri :). We have submitted our entries for all Infosec policy-based contests. Fingers crossed 🙂

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