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Breathometer Wants To Take Your Breath Away With Mint

Breathometer is at it again. After the highly successful launch of the world’s first smartphone Breathometer_Mint_toothbrushbreathalyzer, the first company that got all Shark Tank investors to put in a total of $1 million has just created another Indiegogo campaign for a new product, Mint. Mint will be a tiny Bluetooth LE medical device (Class I) that’s designed to improve your overall health through the analysis of your breath. It’ll be capable of letting you know if you have odor causing compounds in your breath and whether or not you’re hydrated. That’s right, it’ll do both.

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While halitosis and hydration devices exist, Mint will be different. It’ll be portable, sexy, and meant for everyone. It’ll leverage the same Breathometer mobile app as the company’s other devices and offer a multitude of data tracking and exporting features. Breathometer will also introduce several gamification aspects with Mint, such as rewarding users for good breath and hydration. There’s even an opt-in Leader Board for those wanting to showcase their stellar hygiene. Who knows what’s next – maybe profiles will carry Mint badges for those wishing to woo their prospects. We’ll just have to wait and see.

For now, check out Breathometer’s new campaign for Mint at

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