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[Guide] Improving Insight And Reporting In Wealth Management

Business intelligence (BI) technologies enable wealth management firms to analyze raw data, with the goal of improving decision making, enhancing client relationships, increasing operational efficiency, and adhering to legal and regulatory compliance mandates. A properly designed BI framework can provide financial services companies with a rich, intuitive user interface that enables business users to run […]

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Jamie Dimon, J.P. Morgan Chase CEO: Bitcoin is Worse Than Tulip Bulbs

Yesterday, at the Pierre Hotel in New York City, the 2017 Delivering Alpha Conference gathered the most important players in asset management. At 3:00 Eastern Time, Jamie Dimon, CEO of J.P. Morgan Chase took the microphone…and Wall Street reacted quickly. By 3:01 ET, bitcoin was down 2 percent. So, what exactly did he say about […]

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6 Beliefs To Embrace When Building A Business Intelligence Program

There are many considerations when it comes to the development and operation of a business intelligence (BI) program, especially when it is specific to certain sectors of the financial industry like wealth management. Nonetheless, there are several fundamental beliefs wealth management firms should embrace as they pursue their BI efforts: BI is a powerful tool […]

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Communications: The Virtual Backbone of Your Business

Good day and welcome to my blog spot! That simple opening can help set the tone for whatever your message is to follow. I could just have easily opened with: You can permanently damage your eyes by staring at the sun for a minute and a half. My opening was a bit more casual and […]

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How To Start A Business Intelligence Program

The process of implementing a business intelligence (BI) program varies based on the scope. A comprehensive, enterprise-wide BI program typically starts with an assessment phase to identify the data domains, systems of record, core data elements, and analytical requirements. Some level of process flow analysis may also be required to understand the origin and usage […]

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Leadership: A Vote of Confidence

Whether your professional life resides in an Accounts Receivable atmosphere or not, leadership is critical. A common misconception about collections or accounts receivable is that it’s strictly all about the numbers. While on the surface it may look like that, the reality is that leadership and communications experts are at work and the byproduct is […]

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How To Tell If You Need A Business Intelligence Program

The ideal candidate for a business intelligence (BI) program is a firm that is seeking greater operational efficiency, increased flexibility and interoperability, better management reporting, mitigation of regulatory or other risks, enhanced transparency, access and support, and the ability to make informed business decisions. It is a firm that believes the investment in operational efficiency, […]

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6 Challenges Of Business Intelligence User Adoption

The business intelligence (BI) industry has been plagued with poor user adoption for years and has a huge failure rate among companies. Here are some of the reasons why. Product is challenging to use: When a BI tool is not designed for business users, such as financial advisors and client associates who are primarily non-technical […]

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6 Benefits Of Business Intelligence

Wealth management firms that have embraced a comprehensive business intelligence (BI) program can: mitigate operational and regulatory challenges across the firm; gain visibility into investment analytics, client relationship management, performance reporting, compliance, and contact management; and generate more comprehensive management and client reports. On the other hand, wealth management firms with a more limited set […]

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Adaptability in an Ever-Changing Financial Services Landscape

Good day and greetings from the Financial Services area. For those who have read my previous blog entries, I would like to communicate a warm thank you and I hope to keep engaging your interest. Even though I post under the category of Financial Services, I try to find a balance between business sensibilities but […]

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