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Mastering Responsive Videos and Maps with Bootstrap Embed Classes

In Bootstrap, the embed-responsive and embed-responsive-item classes create responsive embeds for videos, maps, or any other embedded content. These embedded classes ensure the embedded content scales properly and maintain its aspect ratio across different screen sizes. Let’s explore how to use Bootstrap embed classes for responsive embeds. Bootstrap Responsive Video Embed Bootstrap provides a simple […]

How To Automatically Create Responsive Images in Episerver

Modern websites need to support a good user experience whether they are displayed on the small screen of a mobile phone, a traditional desktop PC, or anything in between. To achieve this flexibility, most websites are now developed using a responsive web design. This allows the display of the site to adapt based on the […]

The Death of Responsive Design

Wait … what? Hear me out. At this point, calling a web experience responsive is usually redundant. It is now assumed that websites will render in a usable manner across different screen sizes. Two years ago I wrote a post referring to responsive design as “the Holy Grail.” But as with all things tech, the tides have […]

The Intranet in the Age of BYOD

Think back to your childhood, we all had that parent, teacher, aunt, or uncle who’s answer was always NO! Until recently this was the answer of most IT organizations when it came to bringing your own device to the table. Can I get my email on my phone? No! Can I access the intranet from […]

Adobe Summit: Boost Engagement with Online Communities

Bertrand de Coatpont and Scott Date of Adobe about online communities.  This is communities within Experience Manager. Specifically, it’s version 6.1 which has completely redone Communities. There’s a thought that a community project is an overwhelming effort from a time and engineering perspective.   With that in mind, Adobe has made a lot of simplifications. […]

Mobile-Ready Site with Sitecore

Written by Shilpa Tawar Reach your customers where they are. Your customers are moving from one location to another with mobile eCommerce that is accessible to them via smart phones, iPads, and other devices. A Quantcast Mobile Trends Study showed that mobile web usage in the U.S. grew 110 percent in 2010, while worldwide growth […]

SPC 2014: SharePoint for Any Screen Size, a Responsive Approach

Eric Overfield (@ericoverfield) and Rita Zhang gave an informative session. It was chock full of examples and example code.  I couldn’t grab the code examples but a lot of the best practices and screenshots from live sites I was able to grab.  They started with the three pillars of Responsive Design: Fluid Grid Must use a […]

Perficient’s Top 5 Sitecore Related Blog Posts of 2013

Last week, we shared the top five SharePoint posts from 2013, as well as the top Office 365 posts. Today, it’s all about Sitecore. As a Sitecore Certified Solution Partner, Perficient has designed, architected, implemented and delivered numerous large, public-facing sites powered by Sitecore – one of which is Recently, our corporate site won […]

Dreamforce: Mobile Community Web Sites In has been touted as an easy way to create a portal, do simple content management, and otherwise extend your salesforce investment but still make things look good.  Mobile has become a key requirement for almost any technology and anyone who can cut down the typical +30% cost to add mobile will gain in the […]

White Paper Summary: Responsive Design vs. Adaptive Design

Back in June, I wrote a blog post about the Opportunity Costs of using Responsive Design with Sitecore.  In that post, I talk about the Pros’ and Cons of using one of our industries hottest buzzwords, Responsive Design (RWD) on a Sitecore implementation.  In my post, I talk about the Device concept of Sitecore which […]

Congrats to Marshfield Clinic on their Healthcare WebAward!

The Marshfield Clinic team is in the winners circle once again!  In April,  Marshfield Clinic’s website was named Site of the Month for March by and now the Perficient & Marshfield teams have been recognized by the Web Marketing Association for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development! The Web Marketing Association‘s annual WebAward competition has […]

SharePoint 2013, Responsive Design & Mobility Webinar Replay

On Wednesday we hosted a webinar that highlighted how you can use responsive design to better engage your mobile audience. Rich Wood, Director of Perficient’s Microsoft web and social collaboration practice shared why using responsive design is an excellent solution to address the explosion of  mobile devices that differ tremendously, from screen size to functionality […]

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