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The Intranet in the Age of BYOD

Think back to your childhood, we all had that parent, teacher, aunt, or uncle who’s answer was always NO! Until recently this was the answer of most IT organizations when it came to bringing your own device to the table. Can I get my email on my phone? No! Can I access the intranet from […]

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SPC 2014: SharePoint for Any Screen Size, a Responsive Approach

Eric Overfield (@ericoverfield) and Rita Zhang gave an informative session. It was chock full of examples and example code.  I couldn’t grab the code examples but a lot of the best practices and screenshots from live sites I was able to grab.  They started with the three pillars of Responsive Design: Fluid Grid Must use a […]

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Dreamforce: Mobile Community Web Sites In has been touted as an easy way to create a portal, do simple content management, and otherwise extend your salesforce investment but still make things look good.  Mobile has become a key requirement for almost any technology and anyone who can cut down the typical +30% cost to add mobile will gain in the […]

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Congrats to Marshfield Clinic on their Healthcare WebAward!

The Marshfield Clinic team is in the winners circle once again!  In April,  Marshfield Clinic’s website was named Site of the Month for March by and now the Perficient & Marshfield teams have been recognized by the Web Marketing Association for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development! The Web Marketing Association‘s annual WebAward competition has […]

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SharePoint 2013, Responsive Design & Mobility Webinar Replay

On Wednesday we hosted a webinar that highlighted how you can use responsive design to better engage your mobile audience. Rich Wood, Director of Perficient’s Microsoft web and social collaboration practice shared why using responsive design is an excellent solution to address the explosion of  mobile devices that differ tremendously, from screen size to functionality […]

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Upcoming Webinar: SharePoint 2013, Responsive Design & Mobility

In the past few years, the mobile market has grown significantly, and the use of mobile devices to access the Internet has skyrocketed. Research shows that by 2015, mobile device usage will surpass that of desktop computers being used to surf the web. Of course, when it comes to web design, coping with these rapid […]

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The Quest to Make SharePoint Mobile

Yesterday, published an article written by my colleague, Rich Wood. In the article, The SharePoint Mobility Forecast: Outlook Cloudy, Rich discusses the topic of SharePoint and mobility, and the difficulty of achieving a fully accessible SharePoint environment. To kick things off, Rich so aptly puts it: Whether it’s a favorite son or a red-headed stepchild, […]

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MarshfieldClinic.Org: Beautiful, Fully Responsive SharePoint 2013

Want to see just how beautiful a SharePoint 2013 website can look? Want to see such a beautiful website that’s functional too? If you’re like me, your answers are “yes” and “yes”, so I’d strongly suggest you surf on over to on your PC, Mac, phone or tablet.  For a real kick, try it […]

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Wish List: Four keys for SURFACE and SharePoint Next

Microsoft made a big splash with the unveiling of their long-awaited Surface Tablet yesterday.  Never mind the interesting choice of branding (anyone familiar with the previous Microsoft Surface will be surprised they took the name from the world’s coolest cocktail table and applied it to a slate), the big question in our secret mountaintop command […]

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Webinar on Responsive Design

Over 75% of our portal or web site related projects these days have some mobile component. If they aren’t doing it then they are making some serious plans for it.  That brings up a lot of questions on how to design a site to fit all the different channels that will hit it.  The new […]

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