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Perficient’s Top 5 Sitecore Related Blog Posts of 2013

Last week, we shared the top five SharePoint posts from 2013, as well as the top Office 365 posts. Today, it’s all about Sitecore. As a Sitecore Certified Solution Partner, Perficient has designed, architected, implemented and delivered numerous large, public-facing sites powered by Sitecore – one of which is Recently, our corporate site won  the North American Sitecore Site of the Year – Best Partner Site award. Needless to say, we are big fans of Sitecore and are proud of the work we’ve done on the platform (as seen firsthand in the webinar with Lamar Advertising). So without further ado, here are the top five Sitecore posts from 2013:
Sitecore as a Semantic Content Management SystemMark Servais
In this post, Mark digs into the definition of Semantic Web and Semantic CMS, explaining that a Semantic CMS is an extended CMS as we know it today. A Semantic CMS needs to include semantic functionality such as the storage and processing of data from semantic services, as well as an enTop-5-Sitecoregine to process reasoning and knowledge relation of that data. The post illustrates Sitecore architecture versus proposed Semantic CMS (SCMS) architecture. From this, he concludes that Sitecore contains everything and more on the content side of the SCMS stack, as well as the presentation capabilities, but at this time, does lack a knowledge and reasoning engine that is built in.
Opportunity Costs of Responsive Design with SitecoreJamie Stump
Responsive Design is a pretty big buzzword – not just within the tech industry, but in any business that wants to be relevant in today’s ever changing world. Responsive Design is the concept of using one set of HTML / CSS markup that looks optimal for any screen size. Jamie explains the benefits of developing your Sitecore site with Responsive Design. Of course, Responsive Design is a choice, and a choice that comes with an opportunity cost and various things to consider, and this post explores that as well.
Sitecore in Windows AzureParshva Vora
What exactly is Sitecore Azure? Simply put, it is your Sitecore implementation running in Windows Azure, a popular cloud computing platform from Microsoft. Sitecore Azure provides development and deployment tools to support Sitecore CMS and DMS (Digital Marketing System) in Windows Azure. Learn about the various subscription options and deployment topologies in this post, as well as considerations and limitations.
Ways to Expand on Sitecore’s Content Personalization CapabilitiesJamie Stump
Sitecore MVP Jamie Stump discusses his new white paper, Ignite the Core: Expanding Upon Sitecore’s Integrated Content Personalization Capabilities. The customizations described in the paper can result in more personalization power available to content authors, better accuracy of Sitecore DMS reports, and broader reporting capabilities, as well as better debugging ability. He invites you to download a copy and use the comments section of this post to discuss any comments or questions you have while reading.
SharePoint or Sitecore? Let me explain…Rich Wood
Rich makes predictions concerning SharePoint, Sitecore and the future of public-facing websites on the Microsoft platform. He suggests that public-facing sites built on SharePoint will become a curiosity, and that Sitecore will be a more compelling direction going forward. Rich also gives valid reasons for choosing SharePoint for a public-facing website, as well as the compelling alternative that is Sitecore.

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