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Creating a Personal Intranet User Experience

A common intranet requirement is the ability to personalize the user’s experience by targeting relevant content to them. This is an area where out of the box SharePoint functionality is limited. That process is now much easier with the release of Rise 2.5, which allows you to manage how content is tagged with core metadata […]

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Top Ways Organizations Today Are Modernizing Intranet Platforms

Today’s intranet portals serve many purposes, from corporate communications to collaboration and business productivity. But more and more organizations are beginning to look for ways to modernize their intranet platforms and provide a richer, more collaborative end user experience. Here are three ways that organizations today are modernizing intranet platforms: Knowledge Management – rapid advances in […]

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4 Personality Types for your Modern Intranet

In today’s diverse working environment, organizations face a challenge of providing systems that cater to a diverse audience. We’ve previously discussed this trend in our series of blog posts, “Anatomy of a Modern Intranet”. By 2020, there will be five generations active in the workplace. All with different work styles and comfort with technology solutions. […]

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[GLOSSARY] Salesforce Community Cloud Terminology Explained

Active communication is a vital component to a successful technology implementation, and speaking the same language (figuratively and literally!) helps keep all members of a team on track. To ensure you (and your team) are on the same page when discussing your Salesforce Community, use this glossary of key Salesforce Community Cloud terms and their […]

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How to Use Communities to Impact Workplace Culture

The key to success is putting people first. When companies apply a people-first approach, it pays — literally. Putting that into action can be another story. With only good intentions and no clear strategy, people interested in evolving their business are faced with a painful and often overwhelming task. By starting with the people closest to your […]

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How to Conquer Your Portal Governance Strategy

Portal management is a key to delivering an effective digital experience. Studies have repeatedly demonstrated that if users are dissatisfied with their portal experiences, they go elsewhere. As a result, portal architects must not only take into consideration the look and feel of a portal, but also the governance that keeps it running like a […]

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Top 5 Pharma & Medical Device Blog Posts From June 2017

Now that July is here, I thought it would be neat to look back at what our readers found most interesting last month. Below are the top five blog posts Perficient’s life sciences practice wrote in June – they’re ranked in order of popularity, with number one being the most viewed piece. What Exactly Is An “Adverse […]

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5 Ways the Buyer’s Journey Has Evolved

As an elementary school student more than 20 years ago, one of my assignments was to raise money for the class through magazine subscriptions. Though our teachers no sales training, the accepted method for converting potential customers was to walk door-to-door or ask our parents to introduce us to interested friends. When sales were tallied […]

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Introducing IBM Connections 6.0

The way you reach out to your consumers has changed considerably over the past few years to include online channels like social media, email lists, and customer portals. How you have told your brand story over these channels is indicative of your brand’s success as well. According to Gallup, two out of every three purchasing […]

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How To Fix The Sponsor/CRO-Site/Investigator Relationship

Many moons ago, I wrote the blog post This Is Bad News For Sponsors And CROs, in which I shared how the number of principal investigators interested in running new trials had declined. Another blog post from several several years ago, Wait, You’re Not Using an Investigator Portal?, shared one method of increasing satisfaction among […]

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Why Intranets Fail (and What to Do About It)

It is about time that we all face a hard truth: Many traditional intranet projects fail to achieve their stated business objectives. There, I said it, and I’m already starting to feel better. According to one recent Gartner report, “Since the emergence of the intranet in the mid-1990s, organizations have seen wave after wave of […]

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How Financial Institutions Can Leverage Digital Experiences

The relationship that consumers hold with banks has largely been in person. Like the local doctor’s office, many look to the bank as a center of conversation, camaraderie, and commerce. If recent surveys hold however, digital transformation is set to change such long-held notions. To understand just whether digital transformation is on the mind of […]

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Previewing 2017: Video and the Customer Experience

2016 has been quite a year for video, with major events like the Super Bowl and Olympics being live-streamed like never before. In the latter example, over 2.7 billion minutes were streamed, which marked a major record. Streaming video has extended to television shows as well, with 100 million streaming the season finale of HBO’s Game of […]

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How Jazz Uses Connected Health To Create Awareness And Demand

A recent conversation with a prospective client of ours prompted me to write this post. The client is looking at ways to improve the adoption rate of one of its products by a specific population because, for a variety of reasons, adoption by that segment has been slower than others. The solution to challenges like […]

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A Partner Community for Financial Services – Tips From #DF16

I mentioned the Zurich partner community in one of my previous Dreamforce blog posts about the Salesforce Community Cloud Keynote. Here, I’ll dive deeper into the details of a presentation dedicated to financial services partner communities. Kimberley Zatlyn from Salesforce started the session and reiterated the same statistics that were presented in the keynote presentation. Paul […]

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[Infographic]: The History of Digital Experiences

How customers interact with their favorite brands has evolved over the past half-century. I know for me, the experience has been transformational in my lifetime alone. When I first started paying attention to branding and marketing at a young age, businesses who showed their phone numbers on their advertisements were savvy. Later on, that became […]

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Financial And Insurance Advisors, Tech Is the Gateway To Success

“To stay relevant, financial advisors are recognizing that technology has to be a big piece of their pitch to this generation.” That statement came from a CNBC article that discussed the critical role technology plays in the financial services industry. The author, Ilana Polyak, points to a recent report from Fidelity, which indicates that financial […]

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How to Transform the User Experience and Integrate Financial Reporting

 According to Gartner, growth is the number one priority among senior-level executives in the financial services industry. How can you increase revenue? It’s not that you’re no longer concerned with the usual compliance, regulatory, and risk issues, but what is currently top of mind is how to drive growth and improve efficiencies. The Depository […]

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Building Patient Portals with IBM Digital Experience

With summer right around the corner, many of us will find ourselves staying active outside deep into the summer evening. Whether we are swimming in a lake we’ve frequented since childhood or hitting baseballs at the park, the risk of injury is always something to make note of. For hospitals who must deal with those […]

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Optimizing Retirement with Liferay Portal

Many look forward to the freedom of retirement, which includes activities like travel, bingo, and time spent with friends. Though there is far less to do, staying organized and up to date on retirement benefits is important. Such was the story of a leading state retirement system who looked to Perficient to unify their disparate […]

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