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How to Use Communities to Impact Workplace Culture

The key to success is putting people first. When companies apply a people-first approach, it pays — literally.

Putting that into action can be another story. With only good intentions and no clear strategy, people interested in evolving their business are faced with a painful and often overwhelming task.

By starting with the people closest to your brand, you can apply a strategy that supports all areas of your business, from people to profits. 

We show you twelve different ways how you can use communities to influence your workplace culture to benefit employees, leadership, and customers, and much more.

You will learn:

  • Modern employee expectations —  and how to deliver on them
  • What a community is and the benefits over traditional intranets or portals
  • How to turn your culture into a competitive advantage
  • Why we think the best communities are built on Salesforce
  • Steps to get started setting up your own employee community

The biggest takeaway is actionable advice on how to connect with all the people and groups who matter most to your business.

Click below to view and let us know your community experience by tweeting us at @PRFTSalesforce.

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Marisa Lather, Marketing Manager

Marisa Lather is the Employment Branding Marketing Manager at Perficient and is proudly dedicated to developing the Perficient culture. Known as @MarketerMarisa, she is a data-driven design thinker who specializes in creating aesthetic brand experiences that delight. With an inbound marketing specialization in multimedia content creation and engagement, she develops and executes omnichannel campaigns, blending online and offline worlds to create data-informed content and affinity-building experiences for brands. She is actively engaged in the national marketing community, blogs about modern business, personal development, marketing, and more at, and speaks at conferences around the country. Connect with Marisa on LinkedIn and follow @MarketerMarisa on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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