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Perficient’s Mark Hall Awarded as an Optimizely MVP

Perficient would like to announce our very own Mark Hall, Senior Solutions Architect, as the newest Optimizely MVP. Hall is one of 10 outstanding individuals worldwide awarded as a 2024 Winter OMVP. This is Perficient’s eighth OMVP award, solidifying our company with the most OMVPs in North America. Each year, Optimizely awards a select group […]

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Uploading blobs to Optimizely DXP via PowerShell

We had a client moving from an On-Prem v11 Optimizely instance to DXP v12 and we had a lot of blobs (over 40 GB) needing uploading to DXP as a part of the conversion.   This was my first experience doing both a version and environment upgrade and I leaned heavily on Optimizely support to […]

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Decoding DI in Optimizely CMS 12

DI or Dependency Injection is a complex topic, not just in Optimizely CMS, but in general in .net core implementations. Some aspects we get, like the different ways dependencies can be injected and which is better over others, while some leave us scratching our heads. Often times we end up doing a lot of troubleshooting, […]

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Optimizely CMS – Custom form element with dependencies

Optimizely CMS comes with a package called Episerver.Forms that enables you to incorporate easy to build forms within a CMS website. There is a built in form container that supports standard built in form elements like input fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, select lists, buttons etc. And just like any other feature, Episerver Forms also come […]

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Optimizely CMS – Working with special symbols in TinyMCE

If you’ve worked with Optimizely CMS, you might be pretty familiar with TinyMCE. Its the amazing rich text editor that works seamlessly with Optimizely CMS. And some of you may have worked with some or other form of customization with it in projects, be it adding additional styles, work with different plugins, format the toolbar […]

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Dialing-in Your AI with Optimizely Feature Experimentation

If you’re in technology, AIs are everywhere nowadays. At work, I use an AI to help me make proof of concepts, sometimes in communicating with other AIs. At home, I use Google’s Bard to help with those day-to-day mental chores such as meal planning. Even at play, when indulging in some Gran Turismo there’s an […]

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Adding custom external plugin to TinyMce

We recently completed an upgrade project, and one of the notable changes we made was incorporating TinyMCE into its own NuGet package. With the latest version, several adjustments have been made to the implementation process. During the upgrade, we also had to relocate a custom plugin within the editor. Since I referred to various online […]

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Overriding TinyMCE’s Default Alt Text Validation in Optimizely

Adding Alt Text to your Images in Optimizely When developing a site using Optimizely, it is important to keep accessibility in mind. A common solution that I’ve found helpful is to extend the ImageData class from EpiServer.Core and add a property for Alt Text. This concept is demonstrated in the Alloy Project and has been […]

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Fixing Missing Token in For This {0}

I recently encountered an issue where my non-content blocks (site settings, categories, etc.) were producing a “For This” folder with a missing token. This missing token appeared in custom content, as well as add-ons like Geta Categories.    For custom content, two things are required to get a value into that empty token: an XML […]

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Databases from the Future: What is Database Version 954?

Have you started up a new Optimizely site, and prepared your database only get to this error message?   Reading the error message itself, you’ll see that the created DB version is at 957 where the current version of Optimizely, at the time of this writing, is 904. Where did this come from? How do […]

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Implementing the Flip Card Feature in Optimizely CMS 12 using Perficient SCORE Optimizely Foundation

Flip Card Features in Optimizely CMS 12 In this blog, we will explore the following topics: Flip Card details Flip Card requirements Flip Card back end implementation Flip Card front end implementation storybook Flip Card used in website. Flip Card Details: SCORE is Perficient accelerator with prebuilt features. Flip Cards offer an enjoyable method for […]

Opticon 2023 And Perficient

Opticon 2023: An Intersection of Art and Science

Optimizely’s Opticon 2023 begins next week on Tuesday, October 10 in sunny San Diego. The 3-day conference promises to explore what Optimizely calls “the intersection of art and science.” Attendees will have the opportunity to experience what happens when the two work in tandem to drive better digital experiences while empowering the people, like you, […]

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