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FileNet P8 Domains, Object Stores, and Document Classes

I created three videos with instructions on how to create a domain, an object store, and a document class with associated property templates and choice lists. However, all of these tasks assume you’ve installed, configured, and deployed the Content Platform Engine (CPE). Future videos will demonstrate how to do that. In the meantime, if you […]

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Take Heed or Risk Being Out of Support: IBM FileNet ECM Upgrade

IBM released a new version of FileNet Content Manager, version 5.5, and will end support for all previous versions. Users will need to either upgrade their ECM infrastructure by April 30, 2019, purchase extended support, or risk losing support. You may be thinking, “That’s a little less than a year away. I’ve got time.” But […]

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Spring Cleaning with Alfresco and AWS

Organizing the home and cleaning become big activities around the homes of Americans at this time of the year as we head towards spring and the look of clutter creates uneasy feelings. In a similar vein, corporations also feel the pinch as the accumulation of digital files, paperwork, and customer data become a challenge in […]

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Got Documentum? Think again.

With the recent acquisition announcement of Documentum by OpenText, many customers are considering alternative platforms to drive their business in the future. An analysis of the acquisition and future direction of the Documentum product leaves many questions about its growth. While this change of ownership doesn’t signal the immediate end of life and support for […]

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Business Process Management Evolution, Part 5: Efficiency, Consistency, Compliance. Trex.

Efficiency, consistency, and compliance are three core tenants of Perficient’s Trex BPM solution. A BPM system should be efficient and help users achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. A BPM system should be consistent – it should help users process work by ensuring that the same procedures are followed every time a […]

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Meet Alfresco and Perficient at Re:Invent

Earlier this year, Perficient announced a partnership with Alfresco, jointly expanding the enterprise content management (ECM) and business process management (BPM) technologies and offerings. We are confident these new technologies will enable organizations to unlock the power of their business-critical content. As a part of our partnership, we’ll also be holding conversations at the upcoming […]

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Perficient Announces New ECM Partnership with Alfresco

In May, Perficient formalized a partnership with Alfresco to expand our capabilities in the Enterprise Content Intelligence space. Alfresco provides modern enterprise content management (ECM) and business process management (BPM) software that enables organizations to unlock the power of their business-critical content. Based in San Mateo, CA, Alfresco provides ECM and BPM solutions with controls […]

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The 5 Most Significant Compliance Issues in Financial Services

ThinkAdvisor recently published a list of the top 5 compliance headaches faced by advisors and BDs. Mandatory Succession Planning Rules for RIAs, which could require advisors to “plan for market stress and other events that may prevent an advisor from serving its clients.” These new rules are expected by the end of 2015. Form ADV – […]

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Upcoming Webinar: Transform Unstructured Data into Relevant Data

Recent studies indicate more than 90% of the world’s data was created in the last 2 years, and the cost of maintaining that data is increasingly becoming a liability for IT, Legal and Business groups. As the amount of structured and unstructured data dramatically expands, the expense of maintaining data stores is outpacing the reduction […]

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The Evolution of Financial Services Has Already Begun

Today we’re featuring a guest post from Krystle Vermes, marketing manager at Seismic, discussing how financial enterprises and financial advisors must stay ahead of the game with clients. Seismic is a Perficient technology partner and will be joining us on May 20 at 1:00 ET for a webinar, “How to Improve Sales Performance with Next Gen […]

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What’s on the Horizon for Content Management in the Industry?

According to both Forrester and Gartner, the enterprise content management (ECM) market shows continued growth. So, what’s on the horizon for content management to better meet the changing demands of financial services companies? What if my marketing department could create up to 500% more sales collateral? How can regulatory compliance workflows for investment product reviews be less of a burden for our relationship […]

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Why Should I Upgrade to IBM Content Manager 8.5?

The Big Picture: IBM has released Content Manager 8.5, CM8, (formerly DB2 Content Manager). This update brings a number of long awaited features and modifications to IBM’s home-grown ECM platform. It also brings some feature and component deprecations. I’m going to highlight three major improvements and then discuss the impact of some major feature deprecations. […]

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Connected Health Trend Countdown: #9 The Connected Enterprise

On Tuesday we launched our Top 10 Trends Countdown with #10: M&A Meets Consumer Engagement. Today we reveal the next trend, which is: Trend #9: The Connected Enterprise As mentioned earlier this week, Connected Health is defined as the care provided to patients when they are not within the clinical care setting. Now I’m talking […]

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Top 5 Technology Trends in Financial Services – April 2013

Trying to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to IT issues is a challenging task. Emerging technology forces in the financial services industry are already impacting business. The convergence of these forces does present challenges; however, it also provides a window of opportunity for financial institutions to elevate business performance and gain a […]

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Discover content and act on it with eDiscovery

In today’s world, information is fairly scattered within an organization, mostly in form of emails, documents, file share, third-party repositories and it could be a challenge for an organization and its legal teams to find relevant content in an event of legal action, litigation or simply for compliance to standards and policies. eDiscovery in SharePoint […]

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Where’s Waldo? The Case for Enterprise Content Management

To coopt a phrase from a popular children’s book and game series, “Where’s Waldo?”  This simple question along with the ever present who, what, when and why, are often answered with inconsistent or incomplete responses in Enterprise data.   As companies have merged, acquired and grown, many times it’s virtually impossible to get an answer to […]

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Ask the Expert: How to Create the Most Collaborative Healthcare Site in the Nation

Robert Sumner is a Technical Director and leads the Web Content Management (WCM) practice within the National ECM Business Unit at Perficient. As a director, he manages all WCM projects and provides internal strategic consulting, including business plan & sales strategy development for the Practice. He is an expert in the web content management space […]

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