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These Factors Determine Your Online Reputation. Here’s Why.

The first thing we notice when coming across branded content is the brand itself. Is it a brand we trust? Have we had a positive experience in the past? What value will this content provide? Check out our recent video from Eric Enge and Mark Traphagen, who recently joined Perficient Digital through our acquisition of […]

IoT Shaking Up the Automotive Industry: 5 Real-World Examples

Futuristic cars portrayed in movies and TV shows years ago had some thinking our cars would fly instead of drive by 2017. Over the past few years, the evolution of connected cars has married consumer technology with our primary mode of transportation. And just on the horizon are cars that will be self-driving. Vehicles rolling […]

Explosion of IoT in Consumer Electronics: 6 Real-World Examples

Remember when FitBit was the hot holiday product flying off the shelves? And though I’m embarrassed to admit this, I had never heard of “Alexa” two years ago when it was among the choices for a holiday gift raffle at a previous company. In three short years, consumer electronics manufacturers have embraced IoT with gusto. […]

Enhancing Energy and Utilities with IoT: 6 Real-World Examples

In a few short years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has gone from technology hype to reality. IoT is “disrupting businesses, governments, and consumers and transforming how they interact with the world.” 1 Adoption rates for IoT are accelerating – reaching nearly 43% of enterprises worldwide.2 However, the IoT applications we see today are only […]

Transforming Transportation with IoT: 4 Real-World Examples

We’re quickly seeing the Internet of Things enter our daily lives – the cars we drive, devices we wear, and even appliances in our homes. Adoption rates for IoT are accelerating – reaching nearly 43% of enterprises worldwide.1 However, the scope of applications for IoT solutions is still in its infancy. Early adopters across a […]

What They Want. When They Want. Where They Want.

Earlier this week I was flying through LAX, and, due to construction in the terminals, I needed to leave the terminal I arrived in, wait in a line, board a bus, and find my way into another terminal to make my connecting flight. On top of all that extra effort, delay, and confusion, it then […]

Life Sciences Is Not Immune To The Age Of The Customer

This is the second post in a series about applying customer experience (CX) principles to life sciences. In the first post, I discussed a critical underpinning concept for the blog series related to how “customers” are defined in life sciences. Here’s a quick recap: Since patients don’t typically buy their medications or medical devices directly […]

Hide and Seek: Reaching the Elusive Consumer

Every moment, consumers form micro-impressions that can make or break your business. Across multiple devices and moments, you need to engage customers with a consistent narrative. A truly great customer experience—one that feels completely integrated to your customer—requires harmony, no matter the channel, device or moment of need. But this isn’t easy. Not only is […]

When Your Competitors Aren’t Even Your Competition

I was talking with a customer recently and asked them a fairly standard question about which competitors they admire. They are in the auto financing business and we had done some homework on the usual suspects: other auto financers, lenders, and banks. To our surprise, they weren’t satisfied simply leapfrogging the competition. Instead, they want […]

Want Loyalty? Reward Them with CX

Companies and brands are building loyal customers the way real people are building loyal relationships with each other: one interaction at a time. Each and every interaction is a new opportunity to prove ourselves, build credibility and trust, and leave customers with a memorable experience.  The true measure of loyalty is not how many points […]

CX in the Age of the Consumer

Today, your brand is what your audience says it is. Despite your best branding efforts, consumers have greater and greater access to information – not just to understand what’s good for them, to find the best price, or to learn where to get the products they want, but also to determine how brands and products […]

Video: Improving First Interactions for Learning Care Group

When children are engaged in constructive play and learning from an early age, they have a lifetime of benefits – like improved academic performance throughout their educational career, a love of learning, and improved emotional development. That’s why Learning Care Group is committed to creating state-of-the-art facilities with the latest technology and expert-driven curriculum. To match the […]

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