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Hide and Seek: Reaching the Elusive Consumer

Perficient: Digital Strategy Experts
The Future is Digital

Becoming digital is the surest way for you to understand your customers' needs and meet their expectations. Learn how Perficient can help anticipate what's ahead for you and your customer with a digital strategy centered around empathy, alignment, and agility.

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Every moment, consumers form micro-impressions that can make or break your business. Across multiple devices and moments, you need to engage customers with a consistent narrative. A truly great customer experience—one that feels completely integrated to your customer—requires harmony, no matter the channel, device or moment of need.
But this isn’t easy. Not only is fully synchronizing your experience difficult, just reaching consumers today can be, too. Fractured attention and algorithm-filtered content is the new normal.
Customers aren’t actually trying to hide from you, but preferences and personalization mean they see less of you, and then only what they think is important. The same old distribution plans and investments do not yield the same results. Understanding where your customers are and what touchpoints matter makes all the difference.
Every experience needs to be powerful enough to stand on its own, while gracefully handing the customer off to the next part of the experience.  There is an expectation that each experience with you will not only be remembered across touchpoints, but will be tailored by moment and device. You need to walk with the customer on their journey with you.
This constantly evolving environment offers the opportunity to provide numerous solutions to satisfy unmet customer needs. A digital strategy is essential to ensure your brand experience supports as many unique customer journeys as possible, in a highly personalized and scalable way.  It is critical to make choices and prioritize the customers and moments with the most potential impact.
These sort of great customer experiences require planning and thoughtful coordination across more than product, marketing and technology departments. They demand your entire organization think and plan for how you want customers to experience your brand.
To learn more about what a great digital strategy looks like, and how you can get started building your own, download our guide.

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