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The Rise of Android TV

While there has been much discussion about Apple TV and its impact on the home entertainment market, Google has been quietly building a digital eco-system that already has game-changing potential. Building upon the success of the Android operating system, Google has developed a Smart TV platform that succeeds where others have failed in the past. Android TV goes beyond […]

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What happens when you push the broccoli button?

As I was getting ready for work the other day, my 3-year-old son decided he wanted to help me iron my shirt. First he wanted to touch the iron, but clearly that was not an option, so instead he settled on pushing the spray button and soaking my entire shirt in the process. Well that was exciting enough for him, […]

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Less PowerPoints, More Prototypes

At the 2015 Adobe Summit, Todd Copeland of the National Australia Bank described how his organization is able to deliver digital experiences with the speed and velocity that customers expect. As Todd stated, “it’s a pretty simple equation: Less PowerPoints and More Prototypes. Less detailed specifications to justify business cases and more iterative customer testing.” That “simple equation” […]

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Presenting is a Skill

If you’ve ever been to a meeting, then chances are you have sat through at least one bad presentation. A presentation that contains a series of slides with so much text that nobody can actually read it. A presenter that takes the time to go through every bit of that text on all 40 slides. Content so bland that it […]

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Designing From A Fresh Perspective

As a designer, its easy to fall into patterns that conform to established models. But to truly innovate, you must bring a fresh perspective to every design challenge. I was recently reminded of the value of a fresh perspective, when my 7 year old daughter took on the challenge of making a computer for her American Girl […]

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Are Devices Personal?

Every day I get “targeted” emails from retailers that are designed to appeal to my personal profile and preferences. Much of the content is driven by search history, browsing patterns, shopping cart contents and the assembled profile that the retailer has created for me. Which is great in theory. I want more relevant experiences that are tailored to […]

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They Dynamic Customer

The Dynamic Customer

At the recent Adobe Summit in Salt Lake City, one of the most interesting presentations I saw was delivered by John Bollen of MGM resorts. As the Chief Digital Officer for MGM, John is responsible for supporting the guest experience through technology. During his presentation, John brought up an interesting challenge. At MGM, they realize […]

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Cinemagraphs: Add Life To Your Imagery

Stock imagery doesn’t need to be boring. When working within budget constraints, there are still ways to make your design pop. One way to do that is through the use of cinemagraphic photos. A cinemagraph combines still photography with video elements to create something that is more that a photo, but not quite video. The […]

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New Adobe Creative Suite Announced

Today Adobe announced Creative Suite 5.5. This point upgrade is a significant change in the Creative Suite release cycle. Because technology is evolving so rapidly, Adobe has moved to point releases in order to get new features and functionality to market more quickly. Included in this release are a host of new features across the […]

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