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How to Support the Customer Journey for Utility Customers

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One challenge that many utility providers face is that most customers really only think of their provider when they’re starting or stopping utility service, paying bills, or dealing with an outage or other problem. To better engage customers and avoid slipping into the realm of commoditization, utility companies need to provide consistent value throughout every stage of the customer’s journey, including:
Map showing the customer journey of a utility customer.
You should build programs that support and add value in each of these stages, spread awareness of those programs among your customers, and then consistently deliver on them across your website, social channels, call center, and in-person interactions. This will allow you to transition from just another bill your customers are paying to a partner they rely on to help manage their homes and expenses.
For example, as more and more customers strive to go green, utility providers can position themselves to support that effort by offering alternative energy solutions, providing tips and resources, and leveraging their abundant access to usage data to keep customers informed on their environmental footprint. If you can make it easy to be green and regularly show your customers that what they’re doing makes a tangible difference (to the environment and their expenses), they’ll notice.
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