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Personalization With AI

AI-driven personalization is an advanced method of creating and delivering customer-focused experiences at scale. It leverages machine learning to deeply understand individuals based on their preferences, behavior, and journeys.

Personalization Evolution 

The basics of personalization include segmenting audiences into a number of groups and applying rules to create different experiences for each. Although this basic use of personalization is better than nothing, it won’t carry your organization into the future. In order to deliver real, relevant personalized experiences, you will have to utilize AI. 

Our partner, Magento, recently published a guide “The Future is Now,” which explores what it means to shift and evolve with the digitally advanced customer. Customers now demand seamless, personalized experiences across channels. To do this, we must leverage cognitive solutions to understand where the customer is in their journey and the many different factors that go into their buying habits. Merchants can no longer simply segment and consider the who, but they must also look at the where, when, and how someone is engaging with their brand. 

Personalization Platforms

Some platforms provide built-in AI capabilities that may help interpret and understand intent. However, the technology on its own can’t figure this out. Merchants must train it to perform and operate in a way that best suits their needs. It’s best to start with a narrow use case and then expand upon it. Once a merchant begins to see success with AI, they can identify other challenges to resolve and prove value over time.

Download the guide to learn more about my thoughts on AI-driven personalization and how Netflix is a great example. Also, see more lessons from Magento about the blueprint of eCommerce success in 2020 and beyond.

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