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Raghu Syama

Raghu is the Senior Technical Architect of Perficient's National Oracle Business Intelligence Practice. He has extensive experience in architecting, designing, developing, and delivering enterprise software solutions, and commercial software products from concept to market. His area of expertise includes application programming, SOA, microservices, integrations, cloud and BI implementation. He has worked for several fortune 500 companies in his career and successfully led several projects from inception to completion by maintaining high quality standards. He has experience working with cross-cultural teams ensuring optimal utilization of resources. He has several certifications across multiple technologies from Oracle, AWS, Microsoft, and Redhat.

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Signal 2019

Introduction to Oracle Big Data Cloud Service at #C19TX

Oracle Cloud provides several big data services and deployment models. The big data service choices enable you to start at the cost and capability level suitable to your use case and gives you the flexibility to adapt your choices as your requirements change over time. Big Data Cloud Service and Big Data SQL Cloud Service […]

Oracle Autonomous Analytics BI Admin Tool – Essbase Error 1040048

Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud BI Admin Tool is similar to the BI Admin tool. You can download the tool from the following link: When you try to establish the connection to Essbase Cube for import using this tool, you might get the following error: Essbase Error 1040048: HTTP communication failed with error [Failed to […]

FR 2052a

Intro to Analytics in Oracle IoT Cloud Service [Webinar]

Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Service helps you make critical business decisions and develop strategies by providing numerous applications that allow its users an inside perspective on their company’s facts and figures. Some of these applications include connecting your devices to the cloud and analyzing data and alert messages from those devices in real […]

FR 2052a

Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) Backup Operation Fails

Applies to Oracle Analytics Cloud Service – version 17.4.5 and later To learn more about why Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) Backup Operation fails, run the diagnostic collection script on the OAC server. Refer to Oracle Support Document 2236000.1 (How To Collect Diagnostic Files and Logs in Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC)). The diagnostic collection script generates […]

electric vehicles

A Closer Look at Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

Oracle is implementing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in several of their cloud products. One of the cloud offerings is Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse. Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse makes it easy to create a secure, fully managed Data Warehouse service in the Oracle cloud. You can start loading and analyzing your data immediately. It’s built […]

Intro to Analytics in Oracle IoT Cloud Service at Collaborate 18

Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Service is a managed Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering that helps you make critical business decisions and strategies by allowing you to connect your devices to the cloud, analyze data and alert messages from those devices in real time, and integrate your data with enterprise applications, web services, […]

OBIEE 12c – [nQSError: 14025] / [nQSError: 14077]

I recently ran into an issue related to the RPD development. The RPD was already in place and was working. The only change that was done to this RPD was that several column names were renamed to more appropriate names as per the use case in the BMM layer. After this change, the RPD passed […]

Serverless Computing – What To Know Before You Start Using It

I am sure many of you are already familiar with Serverless Computing, and might have already used it in your projects. In this blog post, I’ll share my thought process around Serverless Computing, what it is, things to know before you start using it, and where you can use it. The credit for Serverless Computing […]

Oracle Integration Cloud Service

Oracle Integration Cloud Service is a PaaS offering from Oracle. Since its introduction in 2014, the Oracle Integration Cloud Service has gained its position in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Oracle Integration Cloud Service lets you connect to both cloud, and on-premises applications. With Oracle Integration Cloud Service, you can connect to all of the Oracle […]

VMware Workstation 11 – Host Unable to Ping Guest VM

I recently ran into an issue in which I was unable to ping a guest VM from a host machine. Let me explain my scenario before jumping into how I resolved the issue. I built a Linux VM running on Windows 7. This VM included all the Oracle BI related products such as database, DAC […]

Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service

Are your business data volumes growing rapidly? Are your business data sets becoming increasingly varied and complex? Do you get data from number of sources, and in different formats? Do you want to turn your data sets into meaningful information by taking advantage of automated data preparation and processing? Then Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud […]

Oracle Big Data Discovery Cloud Service

Oracle Big Data Discovery Cloud service is a single-tenant Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering in Oracle Public Cloud. It is a part of Oracle’s complete Big Data solution, available on-premises and in the Cloud for seamless Big Data management and analysis in any environment. Oracle Big Data Discovery Cloud Service is a set of […]

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