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Multi Solution Architect with over a decade of experience in the Adobe stack.

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AEM Feature – Author Preview Servlet

Why is this needed? It may just be me, but I’ve found it incredibly common for clients to request an unauthenticated URL to view in-progress pages within an AEM Author instance.  The ask makes a lot of sense, as often those who approve content will often just want to give a cursory glance, and not […]

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Log Tailer Plus: A Client-Side Log Tailer for AEM

In the past, while working on client engagements, the simple task of viewing the logs has been problematic. Without system access, analyzing AEM logs in real time on a non-local environment is almost impossible using the provided AEM tools. This is because the out of the box client-side logging with AEM is a reflection of […]

Customized Logging using SLF4J / MDC in AEM

Out of the box logging configuration in AEM not cutting it for you? Check out what you can achieve with SLF4j’s MDC patterns.

No Shortage of Innovative Projects with My Perficient Digital Adobe Team

Our Perficient colleagues share how they live and breathe our core values. Here, Ryan McCullough, a solutions architect, writes about his experiences working on innovative Adobe solutions with his Perficient Digital colleagues. Innovation drives me. I’m a solutions architect with Perficient Digital’s Adobe practice and have embraced opportunities to work on cutting-edge projects. My specialty is […]

Approach Overview: Compiling and Authoring React Applications in AEM

The Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) platform allows for a great level of customizability – there can be endless unique implementations. This level of customization will continue to increase given Adobe’s frequent updates in integrations and emerging technologies. With the surge in single-page application (SPA) designs, JavaScript frameworks like React, Angular, and Handlebars are now some […]

Start AEM Automatically Using SystemD

With the release of RedHat and CentOS 7.x, the previously used method, init.d, for starting AEM as a service will no longer function.  Out with the old SysV, in with system.d!  This has a long history that I won’t get into here, but for your reference here is a great article which articulates why the previous […]