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In the past, while working on client engagements, the simple task of viewing the logs has been problematic. Without system access, analyzing AEM logs in real time on a non-local environment is almost impossible using the provided AEM tools. This is because the out of the box client-side logging with AEM is a reflection of the plain text logs on the system.  However, those who have viewed logs directly on their system typically leverage other software to view log files. On the client side, unfortunately, there are no such applications available out of the box with AEM.  Log Tailer Plus was created to fill that void – providing a client-side application for viewing logs within AEM.
As a reminder, here is a screenshot of two different log consoles found in AEM out of the box:
tailer.txt console screenshot
CRX/DE Logger (actually uses tailer.txt under the hood)
CRX/DE Log Console Screenshot

A New Challenger has Appeared

Log Tailer Plus solves the above problem and allows users to view the AEM Logs without need of system level permissions.  Because it is built around the existing /system/console/slinglog/tailer.txt servlet, it already included (server side) support for leveraging the sling configurations appenders.  On-top of the existing functionality, Log Tailer Plus includes additional client-side functionality in order to display the data in a much more consumable format.


Standard Message Format Highlighting / Hover
Log Tailer Plus - Syntax Highlighting/Hover Functionality
Coming Soon: User/Custom highlight rules
Multiple Logs in Same Window

Log Tailer Plus - Add Log Form Control

Add Log Form Control


Note: Each logger currently requires 600px width.  Only enormous screens will support more than three concurrent loggers in the same window.

Pin/Follow Toggle
Log Tailer Plus - Pin/Follow toggle
Clear Log, Advanced Settings, Remove Tailer
Log Tailer Plus - Log Panel Controls
Advanced Settings Dialog
Log Tailer Plus Advanced Configuration Dialog
Stack trace collapsing

Log Tailer Plus - Stack Collapse Screenshot

Look! The stack trace disappears!



  • AEM 6.2+

Do not install Log Tailer Plus in production deployments.  Exposing your logs can be a security risk.
To install, simply download and install the provided AEM package, or build it yourself from source (See below for links).  The tool installs to /apps/log-tailer-plus, and is completely self contained.  Once installed, access the Log Tailer Plus by navigating to the pre-configured vanity url /log-tailer-plus.  The top level apps page is also directly accessible: /apps/log-tailer-plus.html.

Download/More Information

For more information about the project, visit the project’s:

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