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My Experience at Central India Trailblazers – Summer 2023 Meetup.


Last week, I had an opportunity of attending the “Trailblazers Connect – Summer 2023 Meetup Event” of Central India Trailblazers Community Group hosted by the Salesforce Developer Group of Nagpur & Amravati. As a Salesforce enthusiast and a developer, I eagerly participated in this event. It feels very good when you meet other Trailblazers like you, share ideas and establish networking among all. In this blog post, I will share my first-hand experience and insights from Trailblazers Connect – Summer 2023 Meetup, shedding light on the remarkable advancements and inspiring moments that unfolded throughout the event.  So, Stay tuned….


Trailblazers Connect 2023:

The event Trailblazers Connect – Summer 2023 Meetup was presented by Central India Trailblazers Community Group of Salesforce Developer Group Nagpur & Amravati on 27th May 2023. The event’s goal is to “Demystify existing Salesforce products with the assistance of industry expert speakers who have years of expertise in that specific product.” So, Let’s get started.

There were 3 sessions at the event. And each was very informative. Let’s go through each briefly.

1. Einstein’s Bots:

  The opening session was about “Einstein Bots” in Salesforce. Salesforce’s Einstein Bot is an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot. Natural Language Processing (NLP) or Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology used by Einstein Bots to train chatbots to build a learning model.

  • The learning approach assists Salesforce chatbots in understanding client interactions in a chat window.
  • Einstein Bots is intended to improve customer service and support by giving automated responses and help. NLU’s automated responses and answers save people time and money.
  • Salesforce Einstein Bot may also be connected to other Salesforce products like Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Commerce Cloud to deliver personalized and efficient customer experiences.
  • Everyone was also given a demonstration of how Einstein Bots work.


Overall, Einstein Bot strives to increase response times, streamline customer assistance, and deliver consistent service across several channels, like as websites, mobile apps, and messaging platforms.

I’ll discuss a few more aspects in another blog, such as how to develop Einstein bots, their functions, and so on.

2. Omni Channel: 

The second session was on “Omni-Channel” in Salesforce. In Salesforce, omnichannel refers to a customer service strategy that provides a consistent and integrated experience across numerous communication channels.

  • It enables businesses to interact with customers over several channels, including phone, email, chat, social media, and messaging apps, while retaining a consolidated picture of customer interactions and data.
  • Salesforce’s Omnichannel functionality is part of the Service Cloud product and allows businesses to centrally manage and track client interactions.

The following are the key features and benefits of Omnichannel in Salesforce:

  1. Channel Integration
  2. Routing and Prioritization
  3. Productivity Tools for Agents
  4. Transfers in Context
  5. Analytics and Reporting

3. GraphQL: 

The last session was on “GraphQL.” In this session, we learned what GraphQL is and what its functionalities are.  GraphQL stands for “Graph Query Language.”  It is a query language invented and developed by Facebook.

  • Clients can use GraphQL to request only the data they require in a single request, preventing data over-fetching or under-fetching.
  • Clients can specify the desired fields and their relationships in the query, and the server responds with a JSON object that matches the query format.
  • Because of its flexibility and effectiveness in data retrieval, GraphQL is frequently used as an alternative to REST APIs.
  • It has grown in popularity and use in recent years, and it is supported by big tech companies such as Facebook, GitHub, Netflix, and Shopify.

All three sessions were very informative. Everyone learned as well as enjoyed it.

Quiz Competition and Swag Distribution: 

After all the informative sessions, there was a quiz competition based on the topics that everyone learned in the session. The quiz was conducted in a light-hearted manner. It helped us remember all we learned in the sessions.

Swags were given to the winners of the quiz competition.

After this, all the trailblazers came together to click a group photograph by saying “CHEESE”.

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Thoughts on “My Experience at Central India Trailblazers – Summer 2023 Meetup.”

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