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Introducing Intelligent Data, a podcast from Perficient

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The COVID-19 pandemic has done a great job revealing trouble spots and gaps in many companies’ technology strategies this year. If you’ve discovered that your data strategy and technology solutions need improvement, then this podcast is for you. Join host Arvind Murali, Principal and Chief Strategist of Data at Perficient, for the first season of Intelligent Data. Arvind and thought leaders will discuss the value of data within key industries and explore ways to keep your business moving forward.

The first episodes are coming later this month, but you can check out the trailer in the meantime. Subscribe to Intelligent Data on Apple, Google, Spotify, Amazon, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

What to Expect in Season 1 of Intelligent Data

Season one will include episodes around:

  • Data and customer experience trends in financial services
  • Data and analytics, AI, and data privacy in healthcare
  • The value of data in artificial intelligence
  • Artificial and machine learning trends
  • Business intelligence (BI) trends
  • Big data support for making business decisions
  • The influence of BI solutions on analytics and decision making
  • Interoperability, data compliance, and data governance in healthcare
  • The value of data in ecommerce, supply chain, and order management
  • Data’s influence on customer experience and design
  • The importance of collaboration between UX designers and data engineers

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