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Perficient Mentioned in a 2024 Gartner®️ Report

In today’s markets, generative AI is revolutionizing industries by streamlining content creation, enhancing customer engagement, and driving innovation. Businesses leverage this technology to gain a competitive edge, improve operational efficiency, and deliver personalized experiences. In customer service, generative AI enables chatbots and virtual agents to understand and respond to customer inquiries with high accuracy and […]

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Health Insurer Trends to Watch at AHIP 2024

Health insurers from every corner of the country are set to assemble in Las Vegas for the 2024 AHIP conference—and here at Perficient, we’re excited to have two of our colleagues attending as well. At AHIP 2024, thought leaders will address some of the industry’s most pressing questions, and the conference will feature educational sessions, […]

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Introducing Salesforce Einstein Copilot for AI

Do you struggle to optimize user experience and maximize productivity? If so, your team is spending valuable time on repetitive tasks like data entry, locating the right information, and follow-ups, limiting time for core functions and strategic initiatives. What if an AI assistant could streamline workflows and unlock hidden efficiencies? Enter Salesforce’s Einstein Copilot, a […]

2024 Financial Services Trends Perficient

Unveiling the Future: Key Trends Shaping Financial Services in 2024

2024 is going to be a transformative year for the financial services sector, marked by technological strides and innovative trends. Perficient’s financial services experts helped to provide valuable insights that unveil a tapestry of trends that will reshape the industry in the upcoming year. Client Retention and Personalization at Scale Financial services institutions are increasingly […]

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Four Key Takeaways from TrailblazerDX

Last week, I attended TrailblazerDX in San Francisco, where the content was all about Salesforce Data Cloud and AI! There were over 300 sessions to attend, from technical talks to hands-on workshops where attendees could learn how to build copilots and how to use the latest Salesforce platform features directly from product managers, architects, and […]

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Perficient Listed Among Sample Vendors in Forrester Tech Tide™: Retail AI And Automation, Q1 2024

 How AI and Automation are Changing the Retail Game As the digital landscape continues to evolve, retailers are increasingly turning to AI and automation to gain a competitive edge. Forrester interviewed Perficient for its recent report The Forrester Tech Tide™: Retail AI And Automation, Q1 2024 , and listed Perficient among sample vendors for Digital Experience Optimization. According to […]

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Unleashing Synergy: Why Salesforce Data Cloud is the Perfect Companion to Your Existing CDP

Leveraging Your CDP In today’s dynamic business landscape, harnessing the power of customer data is non-negotiable for success. Companies around the globe are increasingly turning to Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) to consolidate and manage their customer information effectively. While many organizations have already invested in a CDP, the addition of Salesforce Data Cloud can elevate […]

Staying Connected.

Trends and Disruptors Influencing the Communications, Media, and Technology Industry in 2024

Fueled by technological advancements including 5G, generative AI, and cloud computing, the communications, media, and technology (CMT) industry is poised for significant growth and disruption in 2024. Challenges like rapidly changing customer preferences and frequent M&A put CMT companies in a difficult spot – only the most agile and innovative will thrive. Our extensive experience […]

Data Cloud And AI Salesforce

Salesforce – Understanding the Overlap of Data Cloud and AI

In the wild world of artificial intelligence (AI), your vision of how to marry up systems and capabilities can get murky, quick. In fall of 2023, Salesforce hosted their annual expo, Dreamforce. At Dreamforce 2023, it was all about Data + AI + CRM. The team relaunched its Data Cloud platform and ensured exciting, trusted […]

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The Foundation of Generative AI: The Imperative of Clean Data

The Setting Imagine a solitary walk in a crowded park in the middle of downtown. Walking down the main path, one can hear joggers bounding past one’s left, a couple laughing to one’s right, a street musician playing the violin over one’s shoulder, and a group of children laughing at the playground somewhere off and […]

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AI Tool Selection: How to Pick a Trusted Set of Tools

Organizations are overwhelmed with the volume of generative artificial intelligence (gen AI) tools in the market today. Sequoia and Meritech Capital released the latest version of their AI50 in April of 2023. This map visualizes the top 50 privately held companies in the AI space. Since the updated version was released, a large volume of […]

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OCC Considers Artificial Intelligence an Emerging Risk in Banking

This blog was co-authored by: Ashley Simmons In conversations with financial services executives, Perficient consultants consistently delve into the application and usage of artificial intelligence (AI) within the industry. A pivotal aspect of this conversation revolves around the regulatory perspective toward AI. To help shed light on this matter, Perficient’s Financial Services Risk and Regulatory Center […]

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