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IBM Cloud Pak for Data Unifies and Simplifies

IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Cloud can create tremendous advantages by helping you harness data-driven insight, but many enterprises are still faced with a significant legacy system presence. Many companies find that the basic cloud model doesn’t address transformation complexities such as skills gaps, compliance, integration issues, vendor lock-in, and more. That’s why IBM has designed Cloud Pak for Data (one of six Cloud Paks available).

Cloud Pak for Data helps unify and simplify the collection, organization, and analysis of data with a focus on deriving insight as opposed to simply wrangling data. And the Cloud Pak enterprise-grade container software is designed to offer a faster, more reliable way to build, move, and manage workloads on the cloud.

Accelerate Your Cloud Journey

Cloud Pak for Data is designed to accelerate your journey to data analytics and AI value with four simple steps.

1. Collect
Make all data accessible, regardless of where it is

2. Organize
Make data understandable and consistent

3. Analyze
Enable insight from data everywhere it resides

4. Infuse
Operationalize AI, ensure trust and transparency

What You Get

  • Cognos Dashboard
  • Data Catalog
  • Data Discovery
  • Data Integration
  • Data Virtualization
  • Db2 Warehouse
  • PostgreSQL
  • Streams
  • Watson Machine Learning
  • Watson Studio

Available Versions

Cloud-Native Edition
This version is supported on all leading cloud provider platforms. It’s targeted for smaller environments, which can be scaled up and out.

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Enterprise Edition
The version is supported on all leading cloud provider platforms as well, plus it’s configured with the enterprise in mind to take on your biggest data challenges.

Cloud Pak for Data System
This is a hyper-converged system (hardware and software) that is optimized, tested, and ready to go.

Cloud Pak for Data Benefits

It can run on premises, on public clouds, or in an integrated system.

Open and Secure
Up-to-date software provides full-stack support from hardware to applications.

It’s pre-integrated to make connection, application deployment, and process automation simple and affordable.

Supports Multi-cloud Environments
AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, and private clouds are all supported.

Get More with IBM Cloud Paks

You can learn more about Cloud Pak for Data and the other IBM Cloud Paks by registering for IBM Think 2020 May 5-6 (it’s a free digital event now!). There are several live sessions that will go deeper into this topic as well as some on-demand sessions. You can also visit our Cloud Pak resource page to learn more.

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