Accelerate Your Cloud Journey with IBM Cloud Pak for Applications

This is the fourth post in our series on IBM Cloud Paks. Read the first, second, and third posts to learn more about our other Cloud Pak offerings.

IBM Cloud Paks are enterprise-ready, containerized software solutions that provide an open, faster, and more secure way to move core business applications to any cloud. Each of the six IBM Cloud Paks includes containerized IBM middleware and software services for development and management, on top of a common integration layer.

IBM Cloud Pak for Applications

IBM / Red Hat - Unlock Potential App Modernization
Unlock Your Potential with Application Modernization

Application modernization is a growing area of focus for enterprises. If you’re considering this path to cloud adoption, this guide explores considerations for the best approach – cloud native or legacy migration – and more.

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Since 2017, IBM has modernized its software portfolio using Kubernetes and containers, and optimized more than 100 of its products for Red Hat OpenShift. IBM Cloud Pak for Applications is the result of these efforts and is made to run on OpenShift. Built on open source technologies, Cloud Pak for Applications delivers the tools, technologies, and platforms you need to migrate WepShere workloads to any cloud.

Cloud Pak for Applications can help reduce development time to market by up to 84% by reducing the compute required and accelerating throughput of the CI/CD pipeline. It supports your enterprise’s application runtimes, and offers key developer tools and modernization toolkits, DevOps, Apps/Ops Management, and a self-service portal.

Cloud Pak for Applications can accelerate building cloud-native apps by leveraging built-in developer tools and processes, including support for microservices functions and serverless computing. Developers are able to build apps on any cloud while providing the most straightforward modernization path to the cloud for existing IBM WebSphere clients with security, resiliency, and scalability.

Three advantages of cloud-native development on IBM Cloud Pak for Applications

  1. Develop cloud-native apps: Adopt a common model based on containers and microservices
  2. Innovate and leverage investments: Understand when to refactor, replace, move, or maintain existing apps with data
  3. Create an agile DevOps culture: Connect newer models of app development and microservices with capabilities of existing middleware databases and processes through DevOps practices

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