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Improving the Performance of Oracle InForm Reports


I recently shared a project in which we helped a pharmaceutical company build studies in Oracle InForm. Today, I want to share a project that has to do with the length of time it took for a major pharmaceutical company to run Oracle InForm reports, which caused significant problems, including delays in being able to lock clinical studies. In some cases, key reports were killed after six hours of execution. Our client needed to optimize its InForm reports through performance tuning, and we did just that. The runtime for some reports went from 360+ minutes down to 2-4 minutes.

Solution Highlights

  • We met with key stakeholders to understand the challenges they faced

  • Analyzed several mega trials and the corresponding data

  • Reviewed custom reports (e.g., performance analysis on queries), the report’s requirements, and the systems the reports relied upon

  • Diagnosed, monitored, and identified which reports were problematic

  • Restructured queries to perform more efficiently and in an acceptable timeframe

Key Benefits

  • 60+ reports tuned in two InForm environments

  • Running time from some reports went from 360+ minutes down to 2-4 minutes

  • Previously canceled reports were optimized to run in less than 30 minutes

  • The project was completed on time and under budget

Oracle InForm Performance Tuning Jump Start

Our Oracle InForm Performance Tuning Jump Start helps you understand the issues behind your most problematic queries and database issues.

Our seasoned life sciences team can:

  • Analyze your environment and identify problem areas

  • Provide a detailed analysis of performance bottlenecks

  • Develop an action plan to stabilize your environment

  • Tune and improve your top three most-pressing and troublesome queries

This jump start can be completed within ~5 weeks.

Does your organization face similar performance challenges? Do you have any other Oracle InForm initiatives that are coming up for which you may need to rely on an experienced team of clinical data management and IT subject matter experts? If yes, please reach out to me for more information.

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Eugene Sefanov

Director, Industry and Regional Marketing

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