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Enhancing Developer Efficiency and Customer Experience with OpenShift on AWS

The following is the second installment in a series of blogs about how deploying Red Hat OpenShift on Amazon Web Services cloud platform can transform your business. If you missed the first blog, find it here. In this blog, we’re going to explain two use cases involving a financial services client and a healthcare client. 

Deploying OpenShift on AWS can automate your database, removing the need for manual management. In the case of a financial services client, the need to modernize, automate and connect its databases across an AWS cloud environment and on-premises with containers generated an opportunity to deploy Red Hat OpenShift.

After recognizing the need, the Perficient team created a framework to drive OpenShift across the AWS Cloud environment. For seamless deployment and database management, we also employed an operator to allow updates to propagate through the database as they occur. With the database fully automated, database creation, reads, updates, deletes, backtracking, restorations and snapshots no longer require manual management. For this financial services client, introducing automation using OpenShift on AWS allowed their developers the opportunity to spend more time driving innovation in the organization rather than maintaining their databases.

Another key benefit of deploying OpenShift in a cloud environment is the ability to accelerate application delivery. For a healthcare client, ever-changing healthcare policies and customer expectations created a need for a modern application platform to improve the velocity of application delivery.

To address the client’s business needs concerning speed to market, we deployed OpenShift as a Platform-as-a-Service solution, including an end-to-end continuous delivery pipeline. In addition to deploying OpenShift, we were also able to modernize existing core sales and membership applications to facilitate scalability. Adopting OpenShift in a cloud environment means faster developer on-boarding, increased speed to market and improved business agility for this healthcare client.

Join us for a webinar on May 20th where our experts will show you how to build a modern, event-driven application in the cloud. Learn how to embrace containers with OpenShift so you can start to modernize. We’ll cover AMQ Streams, Operators, and creating dashboards with out-of-the-box components to quickly get you started.

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Why Perficient

We are a Red Hat Premier Partner and AWS Advanced Consulting Partner to help organizations drive strategic initiatives around cloud computing, DevOps, and enterprise integration solutions to ensure successful cloud implementation and migration projects. We have built a formal cloud migration and DevOps methodology based on our successful delivery of multiple large, mission-critical cloud applications.

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