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Perficient colleagues share how they live and breathe our core values

We Value
MJ and Randy and Girls

7 Ways to Be a Better LGBTQ+ Ally at Work

This blog was written by both Megan Mueller Jensen and Randy Roosekrans, supporters and committee members of PRISM, Perficient’s Employee Resource Group for our LGBTQIA2S+ colleagues and allies. As cisgender straight people in a professional setting, we believe it’s our responsibility to do our best to support our LGBTQIA2S+ colleagues. We are longtime allies, advocates, […]

A hero and a villain fighting in the air. Good and evil stories that sabotage.

Hero, Villain, or Victim? Stories that Sabotage

In 1968, psychiatrist Stephen Karpman modeled what he called the Drama Triangle. With this, he illustrated dysfunctional mindsets that can derail social interactions. The three roles defined in this model are the rescuer (hero), persecutor (villain), and victim. This is another view of the lies we tell ourselves. Since the dawn of history, we’ve loved […]

Global Community

Coffee Across Time Zones: Brewing Connections and Fostering Global Community at Perficient

Building Genuine Connections in a Global Workplace In the ever-evolving landscape of the modern workplace, where collaboration often transcends geographical boundaries and time zones, the importance of fostering genuine human connection cannot be overstated. At Perficient, we recognize the value of cultivating a strong sense of community and belonging among our Global Community of colleagues, […]

Obtrusive balloons blocking a city street.

5 Obtrusive Blockers to Avoid as a Servant Leader

We’ve all heard of servant leadership. The concept of “being a servant” to your teams and treating employees as critical individuals to be cultivated and empowered, has strong merit. However, many organizations fall short, with those at the top of the hierarchy viewing employees as interchangeable cogs in the corporate machine. Instead of diving deep […]

Customer Experience Revolution: Perficient's Twilio Partnership

Customer Experience Revolution: Perficient’s Twilio Partnership

Thinking that we are a company that is in constant growth with talent located around the world, we must seek strategies that allow us to expand all the knowledge we have globally to be able to meet the challenges of the market regardless of our location and thus provide the best customer experience, deliver the […]


Thrilling Sporting Showdown at Perficient: Cricket vs. Table Tennis

Introduction: Despite the scorching heat of Hyderabad, the spirit of sportsmanship prevailed throughout the week as our organisational cricket and table tennis tournaments unfolded. Over the course of several days, teams battled it out on the cricket field, while table tennis enthusiasts showcased their skills within the office premises. With each passing day, the excitement […]


Harmony in Colour and Collaboration:A Sankranti Spectacle of Pookolam, Kite Crafting, and Team Unity

Introduction: Our organisation celebrated Sankranti, an auspicious occasion that marks the sun’s entry into the northern hemisphere, with a joyful celebration that united staff members in a colourful extravaganza. We made the decision to incorporate teamwork, creativity, and traditions into this year’s celebrations in order to provide everyone an unforgettable time. Pookolam Extravaganza: Teams filled […]


Embracing Women’s Day at Perficient Chennai

At Perficient Chennai Towers, Women’s Day wasn’t merely a routine office day, it blossomed into an empowering celebration marked by happiness. DAY 1: Every donation counts. Your contribution could save a life. On 7th March, the celebration of International Women’s Day commenced with an impactful event as we hosted a blood donation camp in collaboration […]

Perficient Hyderabad women's day

Rhythm of Empowerment: Women’s Day Celebrations at Perficient Hyderabad

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Perficient Hyderabad celebrated the incredible contributions and achievements of women in the field of technology. The day was filled with exciting events and activities that highlighted the importance of gender equality and empowerment. The celebration kicked off with a drawing competition, where employees showcased their artistic talents by […]

Quality Sleep Is Self Care Inspirational Reminder Note On An Art Paper, Healthy Lifestyle Concept

3 Wellness Activities to Sleep Better

Most people would say they do whatever it takes to get eight or more hours of sleep a night, except actually go to bed eight hours before they need to wake up! And since we all know that mindset isn’t instilled in our brains, here are three wellness activities you can try to implement into […]

Larene Hofmann

Celebrating Women’s Contributions: Laurene Hofmann

As we celebrate International Women’s Day at Perficient and around the globe, it is with great pride and admiration that we shine a spotlight on Laurene Hoffmann, a dedicated leader and a highly distinguished Business Operations Manager at Perficient. Through her commitment to making a difference, Laurene exemplifies the spirit of this special day, reminding us […]


Celebrating Women’s Day at Perficient Bangalore: A Day of Empowerment and Fun

At Perficient Bangalore, Women’s Day was not just another day at the office, it was a celebration filled with empowerment, learning, and laughter. The office was adorned with vibrant decorations, setting the perfect ambiance for the day. The highlight of the event was the presence of Crystal Fernandez, Director of Oracle ERP US Consulting. Her […]

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