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Customer Experience Revolution: Perficient’s Twilio Partnership

Customer Experience Revolution: Perficient's Twilio Partnership

Thinking that we are a company that is in constant growth with talent located around the world, we must seek strategies that allow us to expand all the knowledge we have globally to be able to meet the challenges of the market regardless of our location and thus provide the best customer experience, deliver the greatest possible value to our customers, and increase growth opportunities for the people who are part of Perficient. This is what we call Global Depth.

The Customer Experience

In today’s digital world, it is important to ensure that companies provide their customers with the best experience through communication channels that allow them to interact and solve their needs quickly and easily, guaranteeing automated processes that open the possibility to customize the attention according to the profile of each one, and in the same way that allows them to scale according to the need and growth of their business. 


This is where Twilio becomes a very attractive alternative since its solution includes all of the above-mentioned features. Precisely because of these features, today, it is one of the leading tools in the cloud communications space that has been adopted globally, transforming customer experience from startups to large companies serving different types of industries.

Twilio, through its versatility and flexibility, guarantees the ability to adapt to all types of users, from those who prefer to make requests through WhatsApp messages or text messages to those who would opt for videos or emails to the more traditional user who prefers to use phone calls to get the service they need. It provides a seamless experience that responds to each user’s profile. 

This is how all these alternatives, which allow companies to individualize the process and pay attention to each of their customers, ultimately translate into people’s loyalty to those who provide them with a service or a product. It is at this point where you can see the value of adopting these technologies that impact business growth. 

Partnering with Perficient

At Perficient, we recognize the importance of being a strategic ally for each of our customers and the customer experience they offer, that is why we are constantly looking for different alternatives that allow us to achieve the goal of providing the best service experience to its users through tools that are flexible, scalable, that enable easy integration with other types of systems, that optimize decision making and above all that are in constant innovation. 

With Twilio’s capacity developed in the US, we have been able to reach leading clients in different industries; an example of this was in the construction industry, where we were able to implement a contact center solution that included chat and voice calls, allowing our client to assist their users with any inconvenience they might have. This implementation allowed us to automate manual processes in which it was not easy to track each case’s status and to have statistics on the type of problems reported, those that had been resolved, etc. In addition, they could guarantee the tracking of all the reports made and, with this, the attention to all the requests. 

Our Collaboration with Twilio

Continuing to pave the way and gaining knowledge in customer experience interests us as a company; that is why we started collaborative work with Twilio experts in the US, and we analyzed the industries and customers with whom we were working. We could implement the type of challenge that people were facing to define what those prerequisites in terms of background should have for those who started the training process, and given this, we concluded that we should start with people with experience in NodeJS technologies mainly, but also with knowledge in React, the mastery of JavaScript as a language was very important. 

In October 2021, we started the training with 2 people to be certified in Twilio Flex, which is the platform for contact center implementation offered by Twilio and is where we currently had the greatest opportunity to deploy people to apply the knowledge learned during the training. But as it usually happens on many occasions, it was not in the first attempt that we would achieve the goal. Despite the effort invested at that time, in the end, we did not achieve that people could put into practice what they learned during the certification process in an actual project, and the plan was left on standby for a while. After a few months of pause, we resumed the plan, we trained a couple more people who managed to obtain the fundamental certifications (Twilio Platform and Twilio Flex) and in this opportunity, we were able to confirm their participation in a project doing simple maintenance that allowed them to consolidate the acquired knowledge. 

Today, we have around 15 certified people from Latam, 13 of whom are working on a project applying the knowledge acquired by migrating from a legacy on-premises contact center to Twilio Flex, upgrading and evolving Twilio implementations in the Health industry. In this way, we are making sure that our customers have the best experience from any corner of the world where we operate in Perficient.

If you want to learn more about Perficient’s success with Twilio, read here.

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