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Embracing Women’s Day at Perficient Chennai


At Perficient Chennai Towers, Women’s Day wasn’t merely a routine office day, it blossomed into an empowering celebration marked by happiness.

DAY 1: Every donation counts. Your contribution could save a life.

On 7th March, the celebration of International Women’s Day commenced with an impactful event as we hosted a blood donation camp in collaboration with HDFC Bank and MGM Hospital. This collaborative effort exemplified the power of partnership in serving the community. The camp provided a dual opportunity for participants: while some generously donated blood to save lives, others who were unable to donate due to various reasons were offered the chance to have their blood pressure and hemoglobin levels checked. This comprehensive approach ensured that everyone could actively contribute to the cause of healthcare. “My experience with blood donation was quite rewarding. Initially, I was a bit nervous, but the camp staff made me feel comfortable throughout the process. After undergoing all the necessary check-ups, I donated my blood, and it all went smoothly. By the end, I felt happy and fulfilled knowing that my donation could potentially help save a life”. As a token of appreciation, every individual donor who donated blood received a certificate, acknowledging their noble act of giving. This gesture not only honored their contribution but also served as a reminder of the impact they made in supporting those in need. Overall, the blood donation camp was not just a medical event but a symbol of unity, compassion, and collective effort towards a healthier and more caring community.


DAY 2: Support women-led businesses! Explore a variety of products and

The celebration on 8th of March continued with a delightful shopping, reminiscent of our very own Ranganathan Street Stall. “The variety of dresses, bags, and accessories available was impressive, offering something for every style and occasion. It was a delightful opportunity to explore different fashion choices and add some new pieces to my collection.

Among the bustling activities was the ever-popular toss the ring game, where participants eagerly tried their luck to win the prizes included essential items such as nail polish, nail polish remover, hairbrushes, beauty scissors, kajal and eyeliner along with razors and shaving foam and pedicure kits were also up for grabs. Amidst the excitement, we were treated to a delightful spread of refreshments. The aroma of freshly brewed tea and coffee and accompanying these beverages were an array of bajjis. Women’s Day at Perficient Chennai was more than just a celebration; it was a testament to empowerment, appreciation, and workplace camaraderie. Let’s carry forward the lessons learned and champion each other’s well-being, fostering an inclusive environment every day.


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Archita Balasubramanian

Archita Balasubramanian is an Intern Consultant at Perficient, based in Chennai, India.

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