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Sitecore Symposium 2019: Punch it Chewie

This session was presented by Matthew Dubbs, Sitecore test specialist, and Jason St-Cyr, Sitecore manager, test evangelists. Overall, the session discussed getting more out of your installation and performance testing. Here are my key takeaways: Why performance test? Avoid late night support calls Being down is bad: Amazon was down for 15 minutes in July […]

A User’s Guide to Implementing Service Virtualization

Service virtualization is the process of creating imitation of real components with help of some service contract, which can, within the realms of real service contract, enable efficient performance advantages to complete service development itself. Different Ways to Create Virtual Services What is service virtualization: in any software delivery life-cycle, no two layers of services are […]

Performance Testing Framework for Websphere Message Broker

With this post, I will cover performance testing framework for Websphere Message Broker. Tools Used: Tools used to do the performance testing of ESB interfaces: Jmeter SupportPac IS03 The following section will brief the tools that are used in the ESB Performance test plans. Jmeter: Jmeter is an open source Apache Software used for load […]

Performance Testing TM1Web Applications with HP LoadRunner

If you’ve ever attempted to perform a performance test on a TM1 application, you know that there is not really an effective way to manually create sufficient load on a model. Getting “real users” to execute application operations – over and over again – is nearly impossible. Thankfully, an automated testing product can solve for […]

Cognos TM1 Off-Site Testing Recommendations

General Coordination From a general testing perspective, consider the following: Identify and visit the test site before the planned testing days Establish an “onsite” coordinator – usually someone associated with the facility (hotel or facilities manager, perhaps) who will be responsible for any facility provided accommodations Inspect and Validate any and all facility provided accommodations […]

Software Remediation Excellence

Overview The purpose of this post is to provide a strategy for approaching and resolving a “concern” that has been identified within a application. Overall, the idea is to “add structure” to the process of responding to defects (remediation) in your application. Steps to Remediation Using a resolution methodology referred to as CERT, the steps […]

Autonomous Performance Tuning

I was recently asked by a former colleague of mine to help conduct an appraisal of a large scale Cognos TM1 development project that is planning on sourcing all kinds of data from a large Oracle RDMS. In addition to the “normal” review objectives (is the design appropriate? are best practices being followed? will the […]

Performance Profiling with Cognos TM1

Profiling As my last post promised, I’m continuing the performance testing discussion with my thoughts on performance profiling. What is profiling? Profiling is the extrapolation of information about something, based on known qualities (baselines) to determine its behavior (performance) patterns. In fact, performance profiling is determining the average time and/or resources required to perform a […]

Performance Testing Your Cognos TM1 Application

Performance testing a TM1 model begins with understanding performance testing in general. Performance testing is an iterative process and the expected outcome (acceptable performance) will be based upon both the TM1 application and the environment it is deployed in.  The goal of performance testing is to identify response times, throughputs, and resource utilization of the […]

How to add JDBC Step in Soup UI

When we do the automatic testing for web service, we need the JDBC Steps in SoupUI so that we can confirm some value in the Database. How to add the JDBC Steps in SoupUI   a. Adding the file ojdbc14.jar in the folder: C:\Program Files\eviware\soapUI-3.6\lib   b. Adding the following string in the Configuration session: […]

Do not Neglect Portal Performance and Load Testing

Poor performance in a portal production environment will quickly become your number one complaint from your employees, partners and customers.  Given an option, your user community will look elsewhere and not come back.  Performance testing and load testing are often left to the last minute or skipped all together.  If 2 weeks before launch you […]

12 Things You Shouldn’t Do on a Portal Project: #11 Infinite Loops on the Homepage

It’s the fear of anyone who has launched a web site or an application that has any possibility at all of becoming well used.  What if your site can’t keep up with the load and the server crashes?  A crashing server due to resource overload can happen for a variety of reasons but today’s topic […]