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Why Healthcare is Moving to Cloud: Data Security

The following is the first blog in a series about why healthcare organizations are moving to the cloud. Gone are the days of healthcare organizations wondering if they need to utilize the cloud. They must now decide how to best utilize it. Business and tech leaders report that increasing cloud usage is one of their […]

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How to Build a Winning Data Platform

Recently, at Informatica World 2019, I heard the importance of data platform in building AI capabilities for the organization. What is interesting is that Informatica, known for their products delivering the “Switzerland of Data”, is now using AI capabilities to enhance their own suite of products with CLAIRE capabilities. In further exploring a few other […]

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Oracle Fusion SaaS Security with Oracle Analytics Cloud

The question that is often asked is: Can we leverage the same security we already have in Oracle Fusion SaaS (which includes users, duties, roles and security policies) to secure data in Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC – an Oracle PaaS)? The answer is Yes. To understand better how this is possible, keep reading. This blog […]

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Is the Scene Safe?

Being a paramedic during the formative years of my working life, I’ve been surprised at how many of the lessons that I learned on the job have translated to the business world.   EMS can be a dangerous profession; more EMS workers are killed per year than firefighters.[1] One study showed that 2/3 reported some […]

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5 Informatica World 2018 Sessions to Improve Your Data Management

Two of the biggest data management challenges organizations face today are lack of awareness and security. Informatica World 2018, coming up in two weeks in Las Vegas, is an outstanding opportunity to learn how to mitigate these challenges, whether you’re currently leveraging Informatica tools or in the process of considering them. We’ll be there – […]

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Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption: Keeping Data Safe

As mentioned in our intro blog, Salesforce Shield: Bringing Compliance to the Cloud, customer information security is critical to Salesforce’s success. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at another part of Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption. When regulations require more protection Your data is already very secure. But to meet the increasingly demanding […]

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Oracle ERP Cloud Security – Move the Needle

Whether you’re a seasoned EBS Consultant with 20 years of expertise or a veteran EBS system administrator, surely by now you consider yourself an expert on system administration, setting up responsibilities, assigning operating units, building those MOAC security profiles. With upgrades from 10 to 11 to 12, you’ve easily been able to keep up with […]

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OBIEE Complex Data Security in Action

Earlier, I wrote a blog post about the presentation (Complex Data Security Made Easy in Oracle BI) that I delivered at Kscope17. I used a typical use case from a marketing organization as to how complex data security like team and position based hierarchies can be implemented via four different approaches in Oracle BI. When […]

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Data Security in Oracle BI: Are You Prepared?

It seems a good time to talk about security as the WannaCry ransomware attack outbreak two weeks ago is spreading like a wildfire and leaving the world helpless with the kidnapped documents, images, and videos. Although the Data Security I am going to speak to is different from the File Security, there is one thing […]

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3 Essential Elements of an Intelligent Data Platform

There are 4 major shifts in the market for data integration: Moving from a massive enterprise data warehouse to Hadoop for cost savings Moving from enterprise data models to data lake architecture for a quick time-to-value when on-boarding new data Hybrid on-premises/cloud approaches including a variety of enterprise SaaS applications Real-time streaming analytics and self-service […]

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HFM Security – Specific to Dimension Intersection

Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) data resides at the intersection of all the application dimensions. Consequently, data security should be defined at the dimension intersection. One of our clients requested us to review their HFM security in preparation for their annual audit. The application was previously built by a different consulting group and based on the […]

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2016 Connected Health Trends: The Patient/Consumer Data Story

If you haven’t noticed by now, 2016 is a year when the patient data story will become increasingly complex. In this 2016 trends report we have already witnessed: Increased ownership of data by patients Increase in patient generated data by way of mobile device Challenges around the security of data in the growing world of […]

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2016 Connected Health Trends:Patient-Centered Activity Monitoring

Our next trend in Connected Health of 2016 takes us into the much lauded world of mobile health. This year we are most concerned with using the mobile health innovations that have been created to measure patient activity, and the ability to measure activity is growing. At the heart of telehealth’s call for “healthcare everywhere”, […]

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2016 Connected Health Trends: Internet of Things & Security

More and more often we are seeing Connected Health trends make friends with neighboring technology solutions. Such is the case, for example, with the digitized longitudinal care plan that relies upon both Business Intelligence and Interoperability to, in time, connect the patient to their care plan. However, just as some medications create side effects that […]

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Data Encryption in the Salesforce Shield Age

For those of you who are eager to learn why Shield is changing the way we do encryption in Salesforce and are interested in implementing it in your own org, here is a quick summary of what you can expect from this amazing new tool. Comparing Classic and Platform Encryption In comparison to Classic encryption; […]

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Keeping Data Secure In Life Sciences

In 2015, companies in all industries experienced data security breaches. From Anthem, one of the nation’s leading health benefits companies, to the UCLA Health System, all the way to Hzone, a matchmaking mobile application for HIV positive singles, no company was safe from a data breach. Increasing data privacy and security is a trend that […]

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A Look Inside Healthcare Data & Device Security

With the continued move towards digital securing patient data has moved to the top of the list for many healthcare organizations. I sat down with David Chou (@dchou1107) to talk about data and device privacy and security and get his perspective on the challenges and what organizations can be doing to protect themselves and their […]

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9 Ways Oracle BI Cloud Positioned to Offer Governance & Agility

When it comes to choosing the right Cloud BI platform, there is usually a trade off between governance and centralization on one hand and agility on the other. BI software vendors like Tableau and Qlik, that are relatively newer to the game than traditional BI platforms, have changed the rules of what defines a better BI […]

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Cyber Security Awareness Month brings plenty of awareness

October 1st marked the beginning of the United States’ National Cyber Security Awareness month.  Three days into the month, awareness is exactly what we have. Last week, Experian and T-Mobile announced a significant data breach.  What’s worse is that the hackers were able to maintain the breach for over two years.  T-Mobile CEO John Legere, […]

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The New National Emergency: Cyber Threats

In a blog post earlier this year, I discussed the increasing role data security is playing in the world today.  As mentioned in the article, 2014 was dubbed the “Year of the Data Breach”.  Around the time of the post, Sony had just been hacked.  Subsequently we learned there was credible evidence the cyber-attack was […]

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