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Perficient Listed in Forrester Now Tech: Data Management Service Providers, Q4 2021

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Data plays an essential role in today’s digital economy and keeping up with modern data management processes is key to staying competitive. In fact, enterprises with advanced data practices are more productive, innovate faster, are able to enter new markets quickly, and are more likely to be directly monetizing their data compared to their less-mature peers. But achieving that level of competency often requires the assistance of a data management service provider.

Partnering with a data management service provider can help your organization:

  • Establish a strategy and operating model for data
  • Build an enterprise data foundation
  • Mature and scale data governance

In the Now Tech: Data Management Service Providers, Q4 2021 report, Forrester defines data management service providers as:

“Service firms that provide talent, technology, and best practices through strategy and deployment partnerships in order to improve an enterprise’s use of data management to drive insights and business results.”

Forrester Now Tech: Data Management Service Providers, Q4 2021 Report

Identifying the right service provider to partner with can help you realize the benefits of data and increase your data competency.

In the report, Forrester segmented vendors based on market presence and functionality. Market presence was determined by data management service revenue and vendors were placed into one of three categories: large established players, midsize players, and small players. Functionality was based on varying capabilities and broken down into four segments: platform providers, data and analytics services, specialized service providers, and system integrators.

Each vendor was asked a number of detailed questions about their services, including geographic presence, industry expertise, and data management experience and expertise. Based on the responses, Forrester supplies information about these service providers to help you determine the best vendor for your data management needs.

Perficient’s Primary Functionality Lies in Specialized Services

Forrester listed Perficient in its midsize category ($100M to $1B in annual category revenue) as a specialized service provider. According to the report, “Specialized service providers concentrate on data and governance foundations. These firms have extensive data engineering, data management, data security, and data governance expertise for data-driven initiatives prioritized by CIOs, chief data officers, and enterprise architects. Engagements focus on data strategy, data architecture, data operations (DataOps), and data governance, helping enterprises transition into insight-driven businesses.”

Perficient’s listing in this Now Tech includes our geographic presence (100% North America); industry focus areas (healthcare and life sciences, financial services, and retail); and sample customers (Novant Health, StorageMart, and United Wholesale Mortgage).

Perficient’s Approach to Data Management

One of the greatest attributes of data is that it becomes more valuable the more you use it. But seeing that value is difficult if you’re not managing your data properly.

As a specialized service provider, we’re helping leading companies create actionable business insights based on accurate, scalable, and comprehensive data.  We bring the thought leadership, technology expertise, and processes to help our customer become data-driven organizations capable of leveraging data for competitive advantage. We do this through:

  • Taking the time to understand your business
  • Collecting, organizing and managing data from all over your organization
  • Delivering insights via intelligent applications
  • Deploying data and insights to any user via any interface

Learn More about Perficient

We’re ready to help you realize the benefits of data no matter where you are on your journey. Our experience, our technology partnerships, and most importantly our people are what make us a great partner. Visit us on and learn more about how we can help you master the realities of the data-driven world. And listen to the Intelligent Data Podcast where we interview thought leaders on a variety of topics around using data and technology to reshape your business.

You can read the entire Forrester Now Tech: Data Management Service Providers, Q4 2021 report via the Forrester website where it’s available to Forrester subscribers and for purchase.

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