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Jo TroxellSenior Digital Strategy Consultant

Jo Troxell is a digital and technology analyst who has vast experience in digital strategy and implementation, quality assurance, content management, front and back end development. He drives data-led marketing efforts for his clients. Jo works with clients to help them grow their business as they focus on reaching digital maturity through personalization, A/B testing, analytics to help them grow further, faster.

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Sitecore Branch Templates for Content Authors

Branch Templates have been around in Sitecore for several versions (officially called Branch Templates since Sitecore 6, I believe). And even looking at Sitecore Branch Template documentation, you will notice that it is specifically set under the Developer section. However, in my experience and once development creates the page template, a content author is completely […]

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Data and Dashboards: A Visual Approach to Information

Many companies are faced with a problem – how to see the data that is most relevant to their business to gather insights. A recent client needed a way to see and show leadership relevant, high-level data that was most important to the business. Enter analytics dashboards! These dashboards, as defined by Google, are “a […]

Z Is For Zigzag

Z is for ZigZag Strategy

When everyone is doing and saying something similar, it’s a good idea to find a way to stand out from the noise.

Y Is For Yearly Impact

Y is for Yearly Impact

While it is important to have a regular cadence of measurement, looking at your yearly impact from marketing efforts helps shed light on bigger behavior trends.

X Is For Xpr

X is for XPR

Xperience Rules allow marketers to associate goals with various components to track engagement with content like buttons, videos and carousels within Sitecore.

W Is For Workflow

W is for Workflow

From drafting content, submitting it for approval, content approvals to creating new variables workflows can help keep our heads on straight.

T Is For Testing

T is for Testing

Testing is one of the best ways for marketers to optimize the digital experience for visitors and hone in on what works.

Ab Testing In Sitecore

AB Testing Shared Content with SCORE Snippets

Haven’t you always wanted to be able to test the content that is engaged the most? Your main navigation, maybe? SCORE Snippets are not new but a recent enhancement makes them legen… wait for it, … dary!

A Day In The Life Digital Strategist

A Day in the Life of a Digital Strategist

Digital Strategy started as a buzzword in the marketing industry over a decade ago with companies hiring dedicated resources. But what do they do?

Episerver Partner Connect In Boston

Episerver Partner Connect Boston: A Recap

Episerver, a web content and digital experience platform, hosted a partner event bringing together Episerver colleagues and experts as well as industry leaders under one roof in Boston.

Profiles and Keys and Cards; Oh My!

Are you using Sitecore and getting lost in the P’s of personalization? Let’s explore the ins and outs of Sitecore profiling for personalization!

Sitecore And Google Analytics

Sitecore & Google Analytics: An Argument for Both!

We are all about data-driven marketing and actionable insights from data, but when you collect data in multiple places, things can get sticky. Let’s see how to best use data from these systems.

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