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Enhancing Referral Management with Salesforce Health Cloud

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Referrals are an essential source of driving patient acquisition and volumes for a health system. Understanding the value of the referral process, Salesforce Health Cloud has continued to evolve its offerings for referral management – creating a single source of truth for all internal provider data.  

For organizations leveraging Health Cloud to track patient data, the referral management process can go even further. Perficient has helped clients create intuitive, full funnel referral management solutions stitching together provider, referral, electronic medical record (EMR), and financial data. 

Using a standard FHIR R4-aligned clinical data model, we can configure a referral flow to create inbound and outbound referrals, stored on the Clinical Service Request record, as they happen. Inbound referrals can be easily digitized for external referrers or automatically created by extracting text from referral documents sent via fax or email. As inbound Clinical Service Requests are created in Health Cloud, they are associated to a referring practice and practitioner.  

For outbound referrals, using integration with the EMR, referrals can be generated without manual intervention. With these configurations and tracking in place, dashboards can be built to provide a single view of insights around the providers referring into and out of your organization, as well as the specialties, procedures or diagnostic services associated to those referrals. 

The capabilities don’t end there – we can also track patient wait time to be seen, as well as the financial value of the referred visit and use that data to populate referral scores on referring providers. Close monitoring of the referral processes and its associated metrics is necessary to understand challenges and opportunities for improving end-to-end referral workflows and outcomes for clinicians and patients. 

 Perficient has helped clients achieve quantifiable answers to the following questions to provide critical, directional insights for a health system in a range of operational areas – including provider relations, recruitment, marketing and access management. 

  • What are the most common sources of referrals to the health system?  
  • What are the most valuable, high yield referral sources?  
  • What is the lead time for referred patients to be seen?  
  • What is the ROI of referrals into our system? Which sources are driving the highest ROI ? How can we drive more of these referrals? 
  • What do internal referrals look like? Is there unnecessary patient leakage taking place within the system? If so, why?  
  • What diagnoses are our health system commonly referring to external sources? Is the demand high enough for this specialty that we need to consider bringing in an additional specialty?  

By embracing innovative, industry-leading technologies configured to address your unique referral needs, you can take the necessary steps your organization needs through Salesforce Health Cloud core and custom capabilities. Our experienced team of Salesforce strategists and developers are eager to help you get started. 

Perficient + Salesforce  

As a leading Salesforce consulting partner, we are on a mission to harness the power of Salesforce to solve complex business problems. With specialized knowledge in Data Cloud, Einstein AI, Marketing Cloud, and Experience Cloud, our team is dedicated to crafting innovative digital experiences that drive client success. 

We aren’t just experts; we’re storytellers who understand the unique needs and challenges in the manufacturing, automotive, healthcare and life sciences, and financial services industries. We team up with our industry and solution experts to build complex enterprise ecosystems for our clients, and through our commitment to building authentic relationships with clients and partners, we foster collaboration and trust that lead to sustainable growth. 

At the heart of our mission is our belief in lifting up people and communities. By leveraging our global team’s skills and resources, we strive to solve complex business problems and leave a meaningful impact on society. 

Join us in our journey to revolutionize the way businesses connect, engage, and thrive in the digital era. Get connected with our experts to learn more. 

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