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Introduction to AI-Powered “Live Search” for Magento

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Consumers are increasingly moving to mobile commerce for their shopping needs, but how many are completing their orders? I attended the Adobe webinar “AI-Powered ‘Live Search’ for Magento + Early Adopter Program” and found that shoppers struggle with completing mobile purchases due to search inconsistencies.

Magento is working to remedy this with Live Search built on its Sensei platform. This AI-powered platform will improve search, making them quicker, more relevant to the consumer, and better positioned to drive more conversions. Let’s dive into the specifics of how Live Search will help customers complete their mobile shopping journey.

Tracking the Shopper’s Journey

By tracking consumers as they shop, the platform can record users’ behavior at every stage of the buying journey, from search and cart additions to wishlists and checkout. This information can help determine which trends are causing users to convert and which are not, and, in turn, powering the personalization engine for the automated search.

Search Terms and Features

While Magento already offers different methods of search, traditional methods often mean limited features, time restraints, and learning curves. Implementing these AI-based features will assist the consumers in their buying journey.


Websites usually offer a complex catalog of products with unique search terms unknown to the consumer, making it harder to find and purchase the product online. The synonym feature can be defined one-way, which allows for more specific query expansion, or two-way, providing the user with a better opportunity to find the product if their search term is a synonym of the actual name of the product, and vice versa. Live Search will automatically expand these synonym groups to improve the synonym search, which is critical for both business and consumer.

Merchandising Rules Engine

This feature allows companies to build, test, and publish rules without developer assistance. These rules apply to how and which product searches display on the website based on chosen factors such as seasonality, trends, popularity, stock, and more. For example, if you want to show items that currently have more inventory, you can set a rule that displays it as the first product a consumer will see in the search results, and which products will follow.


The faceting feature easily allows you to create facets from product attributes and qualities. When a user narrows down their options by attributes, the system will then automatically create the desired order that will display on their search, overall improving the search and buyer experience.

Why this is Relevant to Your Business

Search is key to every organization’s website, and with the advanced features that come with Live Search, the end-user will have a much better mobile buying journey and give businesses more on-hand control with the products on their website. As a Magento Commerce partner and participant in the Early Adopter Program, Perficient gets to explore these new features and functionalities to bring them to our clients ahead of time.

For more information about the AI-powered Live Search, then contact our commerce experts today.


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