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Why Einstein Commerce Cloud Stands Out: Unveiling the Power of AI in E-commerce

The world of ecommerce is a competitive landscape, and staying ahead of the curve requires leveraging the latest technologies.  Salesforce Commerce Cloud, with its Einstein AI capabilities,  offers a compelling solution for businesses seeking to personalize the customer journey and boost sales. But how does it stack up against other options? Let’s delve into what […]

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SFCC: The Orchestrator for Your B2C Lead-to-Loyalty Journey

In the competitive world of B2C commerce, fostering customer loyalty is paramount. Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) provides a robust platform that goes beyond transactions, offering a powerful toolset to orchestrate the entire lead-to-loyalty journey. Here’s how SFCC empowers businesses to build lasting customer relationships: Targeted Acquisition Strategies: From the moment a customer lands on your […]

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Connecting SFCC with Other Clouds

Are you looking to revolutionize your e-commerce strategy? Look no further than Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) and its powerful integrations with other Salesforce clouds. SFCC’s ability to seamlessly connect with Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, and Sales Cloud opens up a world of possibilities for businesses seeking to enhance their customer engagement, drive sales, and optimize […]

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Understanding Total Cost of Ownership in B2B Markets and the Power of Integrated WMS and OMS

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is a financial estimate that helps consumers and enterprise managers determine direct and indirect costs of a product or system. It goes beyond the initial purchase price to consider other costs involved in procurement, operations, and maintenance over the system’s life. In the B2B market, understanding TCO is crucial as […]

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Why Anthropomorphism Could Unlock Digital Commerce Gold for Your Brand in 2024

Over the last year or so, I’ve explored this idea of anthropomorphism in branding on a few different occasions via some article in CMSWire (Apple Vision Pro and The Adobe Summit Recap). If you’re not familiar with this idea, let me break it down for you. Anthropomorphism is the idea of assigning human-like characteristics to […]


Advanced Testing Techniques with Cypress: Part 2 – Introduction to Advanced Techniques

Welcome back to the second installment of our three-part series on Cypress, the premier tool for testing web applications. Having covered the basics in our first article, we now turn our focus to advanced testing techniques that can further enhance your testing strategy. This article aims to explore the depths of Cypress’s capabilities, helping you […]

The Convenience Of Shopping Online.

Unleashing Commerce Potential with Shopify Plus

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, where growth and innovation are key, businesses need a platform that can scale with their growth. Enter Shopify Plus, the enterprise-level platform that helps high-volume merchants provide a seamless shopping experience for their customers without worrying about IT maintenance or infrastructure. In this series, we’ll explore what sets Shopify […]

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Unleashing Flexibility: How SFCC Enables a Composable Commerce Experience

The winds of change are blowing in the world of commerce, and composable architecture is taking center stage. Businesses are ditching monolithic platforms and embracing the freedom to mix and match best-of-breed solutions to create unique and engaging shopping experiences using MACH and Composable architecture. Composable commerce takes headless architecture further. It’s like a Lego […]

Spotlighting Career Growth: Diving into Commerce with Justin Racine

Meet Justin Racine, Principal, Unified Commerce Strategy   We’re building a culture that supports and encourages the professional development of all people at Perficient. Our Growth for Everyone initiative enables our colleagues to chart their own career path and seek new avenues for growth across Perficient.   Recognizing individual contributions is one of the many ways we […]

Coveo Mvps 2024

Coveo Recognizes Perficient Colleagues as MVPs in 2024

Perficient Receives Seven “Most Valuable Professional” Recognitions We are proud to share our inclusion in the Coveo MVP Program with 7 of our own selected for the recognition. The Coveo MVP program recognizes individuals for their invaluable contributions and expertise within the Coveo ecosystem. To be considered for the recognition of Coveo MVP, one must […]

HIPAA-Ready and Personalized Commerce Lunch at Adobe Summit 2024

Secure and Personalized Commerce for Healthcare and Life Sciences

The ability to offer healthcare products and services digitally is more important than ever. In fact, the global healthcare eCommerce market is projected to reach $994.2 billion by 2030. But a complex regulatory landscape and data privacy and security concerns are formidable obstacles. Additionally, consumer demand for proactive, personalized experiences is at an all-time high. […]


Perficient’s Thoughts on use of GenAI in Commerce Solutions

Revolutionizing B2C Commerce: The Impact of Generative AI In the dynamic landscape of commerce and consumer-driven markets, Business-to-Consumer (B2C) organizations are increasingly turning to generative AI to revolutionize their operations and enhance customer experiences. Generative AI, a subset of artificial intelligence, empowers these organizations to create content, personalize interactions, and optimize various aspects of their […]

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