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Consolidating IT Applications To Cut Costs In Banking

Cost reduction remains a priority among financial institutions. Aside from re-negotiating contracts with vendors, consolidating IT applications is an ongoing trend in the industry. When speaking on the topic of expense reductions, Ralph W. Babb, chairman and CEO of Comerica, said, “We will enhance our technology capabilities, while reducing our overall spend by optimizing our […]

4 More DevOps Considerations for 2017

Software development and DevOps trends are front and center for 2017 enterprises ready to put their customer engagement into overdrive. As we have seen over the past month, more and more trends are pointing towards an increased interest. One of the major surveys to hit the market in the recent week is RightScale’s State of […]

Gartner’s List Of 5 Cool Vendors In Life Sciences

If there’s one list that gets a lot of touch attention in life sciences, it’s Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Life Sciences. While the name of the list helps grab attention on its own, the companies it features are typically just as interesting. This year’s list happens to carry a few companies that we’ve blogged about, […]

4 Technology Initiatives At J.P. Morgan

  When J.P. Morgan speaks, most financial institutions listen. A recent Wall Street Journal article outlined the US bank’s $9.4 billion technology spending plan, 40% of which will be allocated to new investments and technology. While new investments and technology are essential, part of the company’s plan is to also trim excess cost. 

Gartner And IDC Predict Growth In Cloud Spending, Even In Pharma

  Key findings in a new Gartner report showed that cloud computing is likely to grow 16.5% in 2016, reaching $204 billion in spending. According to Sid Nag, director, cloud technologies at Gartner Research, “The market for public cloud services is continuing to demonstrate high rates of growth across all markets and Gartner expects this […]

The Industry Cloud Landscape Infographic That Caught My Attention

  Gordon Ritter, co-founder and general partner of Emergence Capital, wrote an article in TechCrunch the day after Thanksgiving in which he spoke about the prowess of “industry cloud companies” – companies that develop software for specific verticals. “These companies might not be well-known outside specific industries, but ask anyone within an industry vertical and […]

FDA Wants To Hear About Innovative Technology In Clinical Trials

  Over the last decade, the life sciences industry has gone from running clinical trials on paper or, in many cases, in Excel, to leveraging comprehensive web-based systems, such as electronic data capture (EDC) and clinical trial management systems (CTMS). But, in more recent years, the widespread use of mobile technology has enabled even more […]

A Dose Of Technology At CVS’ MinuteClinic

  It was exciting, fast, and, surprisingly, painless. Let me tell you take you back to last week. I got out of my car, walked a few hundred feet, and entered through the glass double doors. Behind the shelves of candy and healthcare products, what do I see? A MinuteClinic. No one was there to […]

How Software Vendors Can Survive The Life Sciences IT Gauntlet

The life sciences industry is up against some incredibly high standards from regulatory agencies worldwide – with good reason – so it makes sense that we, in turn, have incredibly high expectations of our vendors, especially IT. Because we have to be able to show complete traceability in our work, we need our software vendors […]

Why Bother With Computer Systems Validation?

It’s no secret that validation can be a bear. All of that documentation and testing, the multiple phases with pesky transition gates, a million reviews and approvals…it can really slow down an IT project, which often leads to questions about why on Earth we bother with it. Well, it all traces back to rules and regulations […]

Perficient’s Life Sciences Practice Lands On Fastest-Growing Bay Area Private Companies List

As 2014 comes to a close, a few last-minute accolades are being awarded. I recently wrote about BioPharm, a life sciences-focused IT consulting company that Perficient acquired in April 2014, being named to Inc. Magazine’s 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in the United States for 2014. Just yesterday, we received word that BioPharm was named to […]

What It Means To Be #3633

Inc. magazine recently released its list of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in the United States for 2014, ranking companies by overall revenue growth over a three-year period. For the fifth year in a row, BioPharm Systems, a life sciences IT consulting company that Perficient acquired in April 2014, made the list. This accolade is […]

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