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Business Woman In Suit Coding With Ai

Leveraging ChatGPT For Professionals: Part 2

In part 2 of this series, we break down how professionals can leverage ChatGPT to code. This blog breaks down how to do that with both the free and paid version. Overview If you read part 1, you’ll know it was often possible to make 3.5 perform close to the level of 4. Fair warning […]

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How you can make ChatGPT know about your Sitecore Instance

ChatGPT is undeniably a remarkable tool for generating coherent and contextually relevant text, particularly when it comes to the vast array of information available up until its last training cut-off in January 2022. Its proficiency lies in its ability to synthesize information and respond to prompts, showcasing an impressive understanding of diverse topics. However, there […]

Quizzically Business Man Happy Staring At Screen Of Code

What is AI? — Learn AI Part 1

AI appears to have just been invented, looking at the buzz on socials and media. However, a keen eye would point out IBM’s Deep Blue, for example, which defeated the world chess champion Garry Kasparov in 1997. So what is AI? Strong Versus Weak AI Broadly classified, AI is strong or weak. Before the advent […]

Business Man Staring At Screens of Code

AI Business Strategy: Low-Cost, High benefit

What should an AI business strategy be, and how should it implement AI tooling? Many entities struggle, finding cost, security, and benefits failing to square. Problems like the inability to collect and mobilize internal data, and cost/workflow hurdles with years of work hold companies back. If desiring a custom implementation leveraging the power of AI […]

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ChatGPT and Me: A 6-Month Efficiency Odyssey

Over the past six months, as part of my objectives, I made a deliberate effort to acquaint myself with AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. Among the tools I chose to incorporate into my routine was ChatGPT. As an experiment, I utilized ChatGPT daily over the last six months to assess its utility and determine how it […]

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Integrating ChatGPT into Sitecore’s XM Cloud

I remember when I first tried ChatGPT after it launched on November 30th, 2022. Seeing it answer questions and its command of language, I knew this technology was going to make a huge impact and it was a matter of time before we saw it integrated into Sitecore and other digital experience platforms. Back in […]

Ai New Age Digital Brain Chip Concept

Leveraging ChatGPT For Professionals: Part 1

In this series, we break down how professionals can leverage ChatGPT. This part 1 breaks down how to use it for writing and indicates for each example how well it works for both the free and paid versions. Writing Content By far the most common use case, generating human-like text expressing complex ideas and information […]

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What is ChatGPT? How to Find ChatGPT’s Work?

From the invention of the calculator to computers to the present AI era, we humans have come a long way. Aka AI. In the simplest words, Artificial Intelligence is a set of algorithms/logic mimicking the human thought process and behavior. It simplifies and speeds up our work. One such AI tool that is making headlines […]

Scale: The Alignment Problem

Business and AI: The Alignment Problem

As the number AI tooling and products grows, and the power and precision of the models increase, more businesses see daily use of them. In only 4 months, 27% of professionals integrated ChatGPT into their everyday workflows. In marketing, that number achieves 37%. Many companies focus on the data compliance issues around AI, but a […]

All Equipped For A Productive Workday

SEO in an LLM World: How Will AI Tools Impact Web Optimization?

Generative AI tools powered by Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT (which powers Microsoft Bing), Google Bard, and many emerging platforms are rapidly changing the way we search for information online. These tools are designed to generate human-like responses to user queries, providing answers that are often more nuanced and contextually relevant than those served […]

Artificial Intelligence Digital Concept Abstract Brains Inside Light Bulb

AGI: What, When and Why

It is possible AGI will be the single most revolutionary step in human history. AGI, or Artificial General Intelligence, is a fundamental change in AI advancement. The first section covers what AGI is and contrasts it with traditional AI. The second section delves into timelines predicted for AGI’s emergence, and evidence for them. Finally, it […]

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GPT & AI: The Future of Developing

I’m back, with another blog on GPT and AI. I find these advancements so interesting and fun, and here I’ll share how I use them to maximize my productivity. If you’ve struggled to figure out how to use these new tools, or use them but want to see if there’s more, this blog is for […]

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