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Sitecore 8.2u1 Azure Resource Manager Templates

The Sitecore and Microsoft worlds have been abuzz lately with the latest iteration of Sitecore’s Experience Platform product – version 8.2 Update 1. The big feature update with Update 1 is full support for Azure Resource Manager support for the Sitecore platform. Deploying Sitecore on Azure has actually been available since version 6.3 with the Sitecore […]

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Sitecore DevOps on Microsoft Azure

A few months ago, Tim McCarthy and I had the opportunity to give a presentation at Sitecore Symposium in New Orleans, LA about Sitecore, infrastructure-as-code, and build and release strategy using Visual Studio Team Services and Microsoft Azure. These are platforms and practices that we use daily in maintaining consistent build and deploy processes and […]

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Using Azure DocumentDB with Sitecore xDB

DocumentDB is a NoSQL JSON database by Microsoft that is provided as a service in Azure. Due to its cloud service architecture, this allows developers and clients to read and write to the service using the DocumentDB API and have a globally scalable and lightning fast data repository. This provides a consumption-based NoSQL database and […]

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[C2I] Countdown to Ignition! Day 2 – Why use Ignition?

George here for Day 2 of C2I, talking about a frequent question that gets posed: Question: Why use Ignition? It’s a good question. In fact, why use any accelerator at all? Isn’t Sitecore just ASP.NET? The answer to that question is simple once you understand the underlying motivation behind the framework to begin with. Sitecore, much […]

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Sitecore Ignition 101 – Overview

Hello! Welcome to Ignition 101. In this series of posts, I’ll be going through some key concepts that Ignition brings to the table as well as some of the architecture decisions that were made as part of this framework. Ignition was designed to make life easier for both developer and content author. “Flexibility” is the […]

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3 Things to Remember with Sitecore Multi-Site Configuration

Multi-sites in Sitecore are a useful way to host multiple sites on the same Sitecore instance. However, there are more steps than just adding your site into the <sites> section in the web.config. Below are 3 things that you should always remember to set in your configuration in a multi-site (or using a site name […]

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Sitecore, URL Rewrites, and the “Failed” JS Dialog

Recently for our new public website, we encountered a bit of an issue with the Sitecore back-end that didn’t really have a descriptive error. In fact, there were a number of symptoms that were a bit unexplained but the most frequently encountered one was this “Failed” JavaScript dialog that would come up when expanding something […]

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Coveo for Sitecore 4 Released!

Coveo released version 4 of their Coveo for Sitecore product today and we’re all very excited about this new release. We’ve been very impressed with the Coveo product as it brings enterprise-grade search capabilities to Sitecore as well as provide a bevy of connectors to other platforms. With this new release, Coveo has made a […]

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Modular JavaScript in Sitecore Renderings with RequireJS

You may have found yourself in one of more of the following situations in using JavaScript in your Sitecore renderings: A huge block of <script> tags in your <head> tag or at the end of your <body> tag that may or may not be used by your renderings but loaded regardless. Loading dependencies with a […]

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Sitecore 8 is Here!

Sitecore has just announced the official release of Sitecore Experience Platform 8 and it’s one of the most ambitious releases to date. Many of us who were at Sitecore Symposium 2014 this past September were able to catch glimpses of the new features and the new look of Sitecore 8. Needless to say, everyone was […]

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