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The Importance of Change Management for Digital Transformations

ZDNet published an article this week on the importance of Change Management for a Digital Transformation. In the article, they cite Under Armour’s recent SAP implementation and how the lack of Change Management led to significant project issues. It’s worth a couple minutes of your time to read the article linked below. Under Armour cites […]

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Digital Transformation Common Sense

The eMarketer Digital Transformation 2017 report has a lot of common sense discussion on Digital Transformation packed into 18 pages. (Thanks to Erin Moloney for the report) Without revealing everything, I want to highlight a couple items that make a lot of sense.  The first is that Digital Transformation is a business driven event.  Something […]

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The Grass is Greener

I love yard work. There’s something about the satisfaction that I get when I mow my grass, particularly the instant results and fruit of my labor, that I just can’t get enough of. Well, it’s spring where I live, and the season of yard work is upon us. A warm and wet winter has my […]

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Leading Organizational Transformations: A Digital Perspective

McKinsey has a long but great article on Leading Organizational Transformations. It’s very focused on the generic need of transformation rather than my more specific focus on digital transformation but the description of the problem and recommendations on approach make sense in both use cases. The problem Let’s face it, most attempts at transformation of […]

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The Changing World of Customer Experience with Frito-Lay CMO

I considered naming this blog post An Interview with Frito-Lay CMO but after thinking about it, decided that Ram Krishnan is really talking about Customer Experience (CX). CMO interviewed Ram Krishnan about his views on marketing and data. His twitter handle is @ramalytics after all.  Mr. Krishnan is all about the data in the marketing […]

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Is There a Place for “Headless CMS” in Digital Transformation?

The term “Headless CMS” has come up in the past year and it has started to generate some buzz in the industry.  “Headless CMS” is basically a concept and not a product or technology. But it has potential to help in our digital transformation efforts by making content delivery and marketing more flexible. Traditionally, content management […]

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Digital Transformation: It’s a journey, not a destination

You have probably heard this statement before—“it’s a journey, not a destination,” and chalked it up to a simple cliché. But the drive toward digital transformation mirrors this statement. Digital transformation does not occur in a day or a month and it is not only front-end but includes all of the back-end solutions and integration […]

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Top 5 Digital Transformation Best Practices: 3. Culture

Don’t forget the other parts of this series: Gain Insight Vision and Goals When speaking of the digital world everyone’s natural inclination is to think technology. While technology forms a key component of this digital first realm, it’s not the only component nor is it the hardest component. Culture makes the top of my list […]

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Uber Bets Its API Will Transform Your Ride

One of the technology points we make in digital transformation is that you cannot just focus on the front end. Failure to leverage all your assets in creating a great customer experience means you will probably be left behind. Venture Beat has an article on Uber’s API Bet. Their vision is very specific and entirely […]

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Top 5 Digital Transformation Best Practices: 2. Vision and Goals

This is relatively simple but a step in your digital transformation you can’t skip. Most every company has a strategy. Your digital strategy should align to your overall company strategy. For example, if you differentiate yourself in your marketplace by targeting a specific type of client or by being a full service, high touch type […]

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