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The Value of a Personalized Experience

Google likes to put interesting statistics.  While you can’t plan your business around this stat, you can see where the market’s going and what you need to do in your own digital channels. Reminder It’s one thing to say the personalization makes a difference but what does it really take?  Here are some thoughts that […]

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AI vs Doctors, How the Fight is Shaping Up

OK, it’s not really versus because in many cases, AI will enhance the work doctors and surgeons are doing. But that said, we should monitor just how good AI is getting in the healthcare world.   Given the complexity of these scenarios, you can see how this would extend to other industries.  All that said, ieee.org […]

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Digital Change 2007 to Now: Governance and Other Ugly Words

So yes, Governance, Organization, Making it work, etc; they are all ugly words. At least they are enough to put you to sleep just thinking about them.  With the increase in complexity, comes an increase in the organization necessary to support it.  Let’s look at a typical organization supporting a site in 2007.  I say […]

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Forrester’s U.S. Customer Index Worsened in 2017

Forrester has a blog post that highlights the high-level results from the latest U.S. Customer Experience Index Report. First the results because they are interesting: This year’s Customer Experience Index report for US brands revealed a CX leadership gap — not a single brand has risen to the top of our rankings and continue to move upward. […]

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Digital Transformation Involves More Than Technology

So I and others at Perficient have highlighted many times that Digital Transformation involves more than technology. As a matter of fact, I did a search of Perficient’s web site and got a lot of references to organizational change management (OCM).  So this recent article from CMO.com is music to my ears. They reference Altimeter’s […]

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Good Advice to Embracing Digital

Jason Jewert posted a blog on Driving Sales.  It was about What Automotive Retailers Can Learn From Amazon (and other companies)  While his focus is on his industry, the advice crosses almost any industry or company.  I especially like his opening premise about the fact that Netflix didn’t kill Blockbuster, Blockbuster did that just fine […]

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Digital Change 2007 to Now: Measurement and Testing

When you think about analytics and optimization, you see perhaps the largest changes between now and 2007. I’ll note what I saw in 2007 and surrounding years.  I’m sure there are plenty of exceptions but this seemed to be what we saw: Web analytics was used.  Most sites hooked up a web analytics tool With […]

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Using Contextual Signals With Mobile Users

              Mobile is an interesting beast. Users have a different experience for a variety of reasons. Not the least of which is the fact that you interact with mobile almost anywhere and definitely outside your home or work. Obviously that sets up a lot of opportunity if you can […]

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Educational Content Gets More Viewing Time Than Cats on YouTube

Google Think has a long but interesting blog post about, “What Brands Can Learn from Educational Content on YouTube”  Here are some stats from the post: Educational content gets 4X viewing time than animal video content. (Yes, that a statistic pushed directly towards digital marketers) There are 500 million views of educational content every day […]

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Personalization Payoff

CMO.com has an interesting and short article on the “Personalization Payoff: 3 New Approaches to CRM Data”  I like the article because the author gets into why you have a CRM system in the first place.  You have the system to manage the customer experience from first touch (sales) through the entire lifecycle (marketing and […]

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