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Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare Is Generally Available

Seo In Healthcare

At Perficient, we see a lot of our partners investing in healthcare in general.  Most of our partners have evolved to the point where their tools are HIPAA compliant and many are willing to sign BAA’s.  I think it’s significant then that Microsoft’s recent announcement that Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare is generally available. Getting beyond core compliance demands that software vendors meet core business needs.  In healthcare, that’s harder than it looks.  Microsoft has chosen to go about this in a variety of ways.  Cloud for Healthcare brings together a range of products into one offering:

  1. Azure Cloud
  2. AI Healthbots
  3. Microsoft 365
  4. Dynamics 365
  5. Integration in the cloud that support FHIR and other key interoperability standards


Bringing together an assortment of tools bodes well when it comes to meeting the range of challenges Healthcare organizations face and that is good news.

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Michael Porter

Mike Porter leads the Strategic Advisors team for Perficient. He has more than 21 years of experience helping organizations with technology and digital transformation, specifically around solving business problems related to CRM and data.

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