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David is the Practice Lead for Perficient's Organizational Change Management practice, part of the Strategic Advisors Team. He has over twenty years of consulting experience and resides in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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The Importance of Change Management for Digital Transformations

ZDNet published an article this week on the importance of Change Management for a Digital Transformation. In the article, they cite Under Armour’s recent SAP implementation and how the lack of Change Management led to significant project issues. It’s worth a couple minutes of your time to read the article linked below. Under Armour cites […]

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The Grass is Greener

I love yard work. There’s something about the satisfaction that I get when I mow my grass, particularly the instant results and fruit of my labor, that I just can’t get enough of. Well, it’s spring where I live, and the season of yard work is upon us. A warm and wet winter has my […]

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The Slow Adoption of Change Management

In a recent Perficient webinar, The Internal Impacts of a Digital Transformation, a real-time poll was taken on the topic of whether participants and their respective organizations had a team in place responsible for Organizational Change Management (OCM)? Not surprisingly, less than one in three did. The good news is that figure is infinitely higher […]

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Change is Hard and That’s OK!

As the title states, change is hard. Most people (yes, there are a few of you out there who love and embrace change) are resistant to anything new. A recent poll of participants during a Perficient webinar on the Internal Impacts of a Digital Transformation indicated that culture changes, process changes, and other “change management” […]

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Leveraging Change Champions for Successful Adoption

Have you ever felt like you’re one person against the world? Or possibly you’ve been overwhelmed trying to turn the battleship single-handedly? If so, take comfort! You’re not alone. Change managers, those responsible for garnering user adoption and engagement for a new system, tool, platform or process, are challenged with motivating hundreds, thousands, or even […]

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The Importance of Context in the Change Management Decision

Context is critical for any big decision, and Change Management is no different. In fact, context is more important for Change Management decisions than many others in business today. One of the biggest struggles that Change Management practitioners face is getting the buy-in from senior leadership that Change Management efforts are worth the investment. Let’s […]

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The Human Element of the Digital Transformation

Technology is affording us the ability to do more with less every single day. In fact, as consumers, we’re able to do more with less, every single day, from anywhere.  In an highly electronic world, e-commerce companies are harkening us back to the old “Name That Tune” game show, priding themselves on how few clicks […]

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Communications – They’re Important, Too!

How often are communications an afterthought, or a box you have to check, on your projects?  Your project’s success may be more dependent on them than you think! In my recent blogs, I’ve been focusing on the importance of answering and communicating a project’s “why” factor.  I firmly believe that this is the single most […]

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It’s All About the Why

How many times have you put off doing something that you should do because there was no sense of urgency, and you thought you’d just get to it later?  If you’re like me, it happens all the time.  If we take a deeper look into why we don’t take action on those things, it’s because […]

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