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Organizational Change Management

A Proven Approach for Change and Adoption of Office 365

In my most recent blog post we discussed some scenarios expressing of the importance of organizational change management (OCM) in an Office 365 (O365) implementation. This post will focus on the approach for change and adoption of O365.

An organization must be ready, willing and able for the change and adoption of Office 365.

A proven approach for change hinges on 4 simple concepts:

  1. Define the Change – Answers the question of ‘Why”
  2. Communicate the Change – Answers the question of “Who, What, and When”
  3. Enable the Change – Answers the question of “How”
  4. Sustain the Change – Embeds change capabilities in the organization

Below are 5 keys to ensure the successful adoption of office 365:

  1. Organizational Change Management (OCM) Quick Start – Embark on a change management program by developing a case for change, performing a stakeholder analysis, and creating a communication and training plan.
  2. Stakeholder Engagement – Build and maintain relationships of trust and actively engage key stakeholders to ensure buy-in and support.
  3. Communication – Strategic and tactical messages tailored to meet needs of each audience and delivery mediums – Town Hall, email, demos, posters, blogs and FAQ.
  4. Training – Just-in-time learning resources including instructor-led, web-based, and train-the-trainer options and custom reference materials.
  5. Sustainment – Ongoing reinforcement to integrate change into culture, policies and procedures.

For more insight on how organizational change management boosts adoption of Office 365, download our guide here or below.

About the Author

David Chapman serves as General Manager and Chief Strategist for Perficient’s Organizational Change Management practice. He has more than 20 years of management consulting experience, specializing in the change management discipline. David brings his unique insight to the people aspects of any change from technology implementations to broader strategic organizational imperatives.

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David Chapman

David is the General Manager for Perficient's Organizational Change Management practice, part of the Strategic Advisors Team. He has over twenty years of consulting experience and resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. Be sure to also check out David’s personal blog. It focuses on collaboratively building the breadth and depth of our collective change management knowledge based on insights and experiences shared to help one another grow.

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